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Full Version: Chemical Composition of Iranian Wormwood
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Iranian A.A. contains high levels of of -pinene (23.8% of the essential oil). According to the article, -pinene "has not been reported for the species from other countries till now."

Complete article
Doctor Love

So you're trying to say Iranian absinthe will make you trip ballz, right?

Trip ballz and sweat bullets.
The real question is how does this particular oil carry over during an alcohol distillation and what would the overall flavor profile of it be. Anybody know any herbalists in Iran?
Isn't alcohol illegal in Iran? Too bad, they might have been able to make some good absinthe.
Doctor Love

I wonder if this is purely a factor of environment (soil, climate) or whether it's a slight variation of the species? Maybe it said so in the giant wall of text linked to in the original post.

The "giant wall of text" is called a pdf file. Please feel free to scale it as you please.

I have seen -pinene reported in other A. A. samples but at far lower levels (under 2% of essential oil.) α-pinene has been identified as a flavoring agent is some cigarettes.
Insufficient data, Captain. But I'd suspect it's a particular chemotype unique to the area.

β-pinene is GRAS according to CFR 172.515, 175.300 and 175.320. It would probably produce a very minty/menthol profile. It is said the pure chemical has a dry, woody, resinous odor. Being soluble in alcohol, but not water, it would come over early. How much is the question, but I think it'd come over fairly readily.

QUOTE(smiley @ Dec 3 2008, 01:45 PM) *

Isn't alcohol illegal in Iran? Too bad, they might have been able to make some good absinthe.

But they carry on with Aragh Sagi عرق سگی, distilled with mint and anise.
It's probably growing next to a secret nuclear power plant. I bet it is VERY green. wink.gif
Plutonian green I daresay.
Doctor Love

Someone should get ahold of some and make absinthe with it before Israel decides to blow it all up.

Lightning fast response time, as usual, "Steve".

You sure you're not Canadian?
Another quick one.

I'm blinded.

I get it.

Wake me up when Nick Lowe hits the stage.
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