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Full Version: Hi from Mississippi.
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Hi, I'm Tracy.

I'm new to absinthe, and have only tried Kubler so far, although I hope to try a lot of others soon.

I've been reading here for a couple of months, trying to get to know all the personalities and learn more about the different brands of absinthe available.

I'm on page 30 of 'What are you drinking now?' I see I have a fellow poke salad lover on board, and also a fellow Mississippian.

Just wanted to say 'Hi.'

Welcome Tracy.
Hey Tracy :)
synthetic buddhist
liking the avatar
i am.
Wild Bill Turkey
Got some cousins in Jackson that aren't on the forums, but went on an absinthe odyssey with me in the south of France last year and have been celebrating green hour ever since. They mostly buy through LdF, because they still haven't gotten anything worth drinking on the MS shelves.
Hi Tracy, welcome to the bored, seriously.
Greetings Tracy! Welcome here!
Hi! abs-cheers.gif

Welcome, Tracy! abs-cheers.gif
Welcome! abs-cheers.gif
Thanks for the welcome!

Yes, Wild Bill, the selection here is very limited. (Kubler and Lucid) I plan to order some other brands after the holidays.

Synthetic Buddhist, my avatar is a painting by Alexander X, one of my favorite artists. He lives in Grose Ile, Michigan, and is mentally ill to say the least.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot here.

Thanks everybody!

You seem awfully nice. Are you sure you want to come in dear? We are a bunch of rabid heathens here.
I'm actually a Bitch.
Jaded Prole
Grate! You'll fit right in.
Yes. That helps. abs-cheers.gif
I think I love you.
QUOTE(Tracy @ Dec 17 2008, 09:17 AM) *

I'm looking forward to learning a lot here.

Actually I don't think that's possible as this is the most ignorant group of internet know-it-alls that you'll ever find.

Did I say "hello"? If not, then "hi!" abs-cheers.gif
But Tracy can always try. Trying is fun as well. Hello Tracy!
QUOTE(Tracy @ Dec 17 2008, 06:17 AM) *
I'm looking forward to drinking a lot here.

What you learn may not be what you set out thinking you'd learn. But some of the yarns are darn inneresting. Pull up a stool and have a set.
QUOTE(Tracy @ Dec 7 2008, 09:12 PM) *

Hi, I'm Tracy.

I'm new to absinthe, and have only tried Kubler so far,

Just a friendly note: "Kübler" (or Kuebler if you must), Treisea [pun intended].
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