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Full Version: Have a safe and happy holiday all!
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Doctor Love

I butt heads with a number of folks here and perhaps some hate my guts, but regardless I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

It's that time of year when joy and celebration can quickly turn sour with a few bad choices or circumstances gone wrong. Obviously we all love a good drink, but often it so happens that in this time of year we're called upon to fill multiple roles, including that of being a driver. Here in California, we tend to have a lot of incidents on the road, and as a result the Highway Patrol and local police departments are extremely vigilant in setting up checkpoints and such. I'm sure it's similar in many other places in the nation and world. Please everyone not only be responsible for themselves and avoid trouble with the authorities, but also keep an eye out for others on the road who have not been responsible. It's a time to drive safely and defensively, because there are some out there that will not, and the results can be beyond tragic.

So whatever disagreements, arguments, or fights we might have about how we talk about booze here, I hope everyone gets through to 2009 safely and happily so we can argue about other crap for another year.


Donnie Darko
Ba humbug.

Just kidding. Everybody have a safe and happy holiday, like he said.
What 'dose guys said!


You've heard of 12 days of Christmas, well today is my official start of 10 days of partying, so have a ball everybody!
synthetic buddhist
Fuck the Haters, its only Booze. Although if I wasn't entertained by it I wouldn't have signed up.

What they said, I hate saying nice things. Happy days.Don't be stoooopid, kids.
QUOTE(synthetic buddhist @ Dec 21 2008, 11:47 AM) *

What they said, I hate saying nice things.

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