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Full Version: Little water pitcher for absinthe
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I asked a young gal who is a local potter if she could make a pitcher for holding water and ice for people to louche up their absinthe (real old-style instead of those fancy fountains). She said she'd give it a try. And I bought one of her prototypes.

Pictures here:

This first one is small, not much bigger than your standard Pontarlier repo glass. So enough water for 2 or 3 drinks. We first wanted to see how it would look and work.

We know we want to put a little ice dam at the spout so your ice doesn't go plop into your glass all at once (or at all!). I'd like to be able to better dribble the water out, rather than a stream, but I don't know if that's possible. These will be Delaware Phoenix brand items, so somewhere will be the distillery name (like duh!).

Other colors are possible (likely), with of course there being a green, but who knows, maybe a delicious red or vibrant blue.

So I'm curious about folks opinions and views. I know many prefer fountains, put I think many average folks might be put off by all the accoutrements, when really all you need to do is pour some water into a glass with some absinthe.

Being a handmade item it might be more expensive than a glass pitcher you'd buy at Wally world or IKEA. But a little pitcher might be about $15. We haven't worked out pricing on a larger size, not knowing what might be best.

Thanks in advance for your opinions and views.
It's a nice pitcher, your friend has the talent.
It might be better if the entire form was given to the task. Maybe a carafe shape or pichet.
Wild Bill Turkey
IPB Image
This is how I'm served when I order pastis anywhere in Europe. Simple, elegant, and easy, and it puts the consumer in full control. I'm all for it, and it would make a perfect addition to your program, DP, because it not only says all the above, but it's small and artisanal, like your distillery.
I think it's a wonderful little pitcher. And, as WBT, the perfect statement to complement and compliment your distillery.

The ice dam is a good idea, leaving enough room to actually get ice in, or out if a customer so chooses on a hot day. And possibly a more pinched and pronounced spout to facilitate a thinner stream.

And, yes, delicious and vibrant would be, well, delicious and vibrant choices as well.
QUOTE(Tibro @ Jan 10 2009, 01:12 PM) *
complement and compliment

I know you said that just to make Sixela wet.

Drill a dribble hole in Sixer's pitcher.
Donnie Darko
I like that pitcher. Put an ice dam into it and elongate the spout a little bit and that would be a nice personal absinthe service gizmo.
I like it too, especially its organic vibe. How about a matching cover designed in conjunction with a spout to make it easy to pour a steady thin stream without havning to worry about balancing the pitcher so much? I'm not a potter so I don't know how to go about it, but something along the lines of fitting the lid and body together while still pliable, then use a small awl or nail to penetrate both right at the seam, then bend outward slightly to make a small spout. Also, I think a clay badge on the body stamped or scribed with the name would be nice.
Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking of the cover idea (but not in conjunction with the spout), so that's an interesting direction.

Jesse was very excited when I told her of all the interest in her little pitcher.
Jesse delivered 11 small and 3 large pitchers today. Really nice, I think. It's cool the way she designed them so the shape of the pitcher itself keeps the ice in the pitcher. Pics on Friday along with pricing and ordering information.
Wild Bill Turkey
Yep, a pitcher will be worth a thousand words.
A teaser picture…

More can be found at

along with all the other info. The short answer is $20+shipping for a small pitcher, and $35+shipping for a large pitcher.

Click to view attachment
Nice and cheap. Well done DP.
Remember Socky, these could be collectible antiquities in a hundred years.

Your children might have to pay a lot more for one. wink.gif
He's a sock. Not the proper receptacle for future generations. Though he might be a good catcher for your pitcher.
QUOTE(dakini_painter @ May 7 2009, 10:14 AM) *

… these could be collectible antiquities in a hundred years.

Especially if we manage to ban absinthe again.
"We"? Who?
QUOTE(Tibro @ May 7 2009, 11:25 AM) *

He's a sock. Not the proper receptacle for future generations.

Why not?

Unlike condoms, they're very porous, so they're not really the best of catchers.
QUOTE(dakini_painter @ May 7 2009, 07:14 PM) *

Your children might have to pay a lot more for one. wink.gif

Well… as long as I can keep my daughter away from being a drunktard like her father I'll be fine.
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