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Full Version: The Independent's list of 10 best whiskies
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Over at the Independent (a British newspaper) there's a list of the 10 best Scotch whiskies. I'm sure some of these are not available in the US. Perhaps most. I don't know a thing about Scotch, other than it comes from Scotland. So here's you chance to announce your very own top ten Scotches.…es-1488408.html

(In case this list disappears in the future, here's the quick run-down.)

1. Johnnie Walker Black Label
2. Lagavulin 16 yo
3. The Glenrothes 1985
4. Old Pulteney 12 yo
5. Clynelish 14 yo
6. Auchentoshan 18 yo
7. Asyla
8. Highland Park 18 yo
9. Bailie Nicol Jarvie
10. Talisker 10 yo
Wow, Johnnie Black at the top? That just surprises me to no end.

Here are some of my favorites off of the top of my head, in no particular order.

Talisker 175th anniversary
Prime Malt – Bruichladdich ’91
Glenmorangie Elegance 21 yr.
Auchentoshan 16 yr.
Balvenie Portwood Finish 21 yr.
Johnny Walker Pure Green Label
Compass Box Canto Cask 46
Port Ellen 24 yr
Invergordon 40 yr
Highland Park 25 yr.

Glenkinchie cask strength
Oban 14
Speyside 12
Bowmore 10
Famous Grouse
vintage J&B
vintage Johnny Walker Black Label
Old Smuggler
Chivas Regal 12

QUOTE(Shabba53 @ Jan 22 2009, 11:42 AM) *

Wow, Johnnie Black at the top? That just surprises me to no end.

Indeed. I can honestly say that I prefer Crown Royal.
You know, I was very pleasantly surprised with the new special edition of Crown. The Reserve and XR are extremely enjoyable.
Thanks! I'll keep my eyes peeled for 'em.
Finding the JW Black at the top of that list throws the credibility of the whole thing right out the window. Lagavulin 16 in second place to it just adds insult to injury.
Even though I know nothing about Scotch, I too was a bit surprised at the top choice.

But the think the author of the list was looking to provide a list that covered the range of Scotch. From the different areas, different styles (single malt vs blended), ages, and price ranges.
Johnnie Black is not all that bad and is better than some malt whiskies. That said, if Laphroaig is not on the list, it's not a list at all.
Indeed. I just picked up a bottle of Laphroaig 15 yesterday, I like it more than my Lagavulin 16. I like my Laphroaig 10 better too though, so…

I'm also surprised to see no Macallan.
I'm not surprised about that. I find most of the Macallans are overrated. The maturation in Sherry casks tends to make them a bit too cloying for me.

Regarding JW, their Red Label is the best selling Scotch in the world, surprisingly enough.
I find the Macallans overpriced, but far from overrated. They are fantastic, and they know it. This is all by no merit of those currently making the money off of them though, which makes the paying out the ass for them all the more painful. The 25 year fine oak Macallan is quite possibly the best single malt I've ever had, and I've had some great ones that someone of my means wouldn't typically ever get a glimpse of. Is it worth the $100 more than the 25 year old Laphroaig? Not a chance, but it is better.
I don't often agree with Shabba, but this is an exception. The Macallans are overrated. Given how radically different their style is from Laphroaig, saying Macallan is better or worse is not really even relevant.
Definitely not overrated IMHO. Always my favorite. Maybe that is just what I like, but I love it.
A good drink is one you enjoy.
Indeed, better and worse are clearly a matter of personal opinion in this case. But I rephrase to reiterate: Macallan is globally recognized as excellent. If it weren't so overpriced, far less people would say it was overrated. The two may be joined at the hip, but there's no fine line between.
QUOTE(Provenance @ Jan 22 2009, 05:38 PM) *

I don't often agree with Shabba, but this is an exception.

Maybe we should use that as a reason to finally get together. Put aside the absinthe for an evening and discuss scotch! abs-cheers.gif
QUOTE(Shabba53 @ Jan 22 2009, 02:03 PM) *

I find most of the Macallans are overrated. The maturation in Sherry casks tends to make them a bit too cloying for me.

That may be true, but I don't find Balvenie Port Wood to be anything but delicious, and it should have made that list easily over JWB.
I wonder if Oxy would accept cash in exchange for removing those asinine clinking glasses from his website.
I totally agree. Balvenie is one of my favorite overall lines of Scotch. The Sherry Wood isn't overpowering at all. Their New Oak was an interesting departure from the normal flavor profile of a traditional Scotch.

By the way, Classic Malts will be putting out several new limited editions in 2009, about many of which I am extremely excited:

Brora 25
Caol Ila 8
Glen Elgin 16
Lagavulin 12
Oban 18
Port Ellen 29
Talisker 25
Talisker 30

And a set of three mini bottles:
Linkwood 26 Port Finish
Linkwood 26 Rum Finish
Linkwood 26 Sweet Red Wine Finish

Just with the minis and the Port Ellen, I'd be a happy man. The rest is just a bonus.
I still think a good porter beats them all.
Spoken like a true stone craftsman.
QUOTE(G&C @ Jan 22 2009, 09:38 PM) *

I still think a good porter beats them all.

Obama's at the helm now.

Get with the program, and tote your own luggage, buddy!
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