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Full Version: Thank you for the education
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I'd like to thank everybody who provided me with information regarding I now realize the error I made and I'll do my best not to create another controversy.

I'm new to Absinthe (I've tried about 7 different brands) and to this forum. I have learned from this forum on what is good and what isn't. Unfortunately, I live in Canada, a country with strict importing laws so my vendor options are very limited. I can order Taboo absinthe off Absinthe Classics Canada and CLB off of a private vendor who is based in Canada. Now those absinthes are nice, but I wanted to try some other brands, so after some searching, I saw that was my only option.

I ordered three bottles from them. The Angelique, Mansinthe and Opaline. They originally shipped them listing the package as liquors, which is prohibited to import, so when customs saw that, they seized them. I tried to go on Absinth.24 but their site was down, perhaps a sign of a bad vendor????? Anyways, I contacted their shipper, Logisticx and explained what happened and after they verified my claim, they reshipped my order. I received the bottles in six days.

Now I wrote this to explain my personal experience with them but I guess I originally should have plugged Logisticx instead, but after the thrashing I got yesterday, I won't plug anything at all. Besides, I found another site that will ship to Canada and I think I will stick with them, They have a better selection anyways…..Fuck, I just gave another plug;)

No problem. Vert d'absinthe is pretty well respected here. I haven't dealt with them, but they have gotten good comments.
Seano, these people deliver to Canada too, I've heard. They're legit, but I've never made an order from them myself. They assure delivery to canada, and refunds and all that. The selection is pretty good, along with some crapsinthe, but just weed through the crap.

I know that vertdabsinthe and FSC deliver to us too, but the shipping is astronomical; plus vertdabsinthe has taxes on everything, and both sites would good do with better selection.

Or you could just wait for premier, they'll be stocking angelique by spring. I'll be getting a bottle.


QUOTE(Seano @ Jan 23 2009, 03:58 PM) *
I'll do my best not to create another controversy.

That's disappointing. Please reconsider.
Give me time….I'm sure I'll say something else that'll set everybody off;)
Dude, we thrive off controversy. This site has been lacking in it lately. Please, be all means continue to be a stupid newbie so we can bash you all over the forum and try to make you run crying home to your Mommy. (And don't try flipping this around on me by saying, "my Mom died a year ago and I'm still very sad about it." because I really don't give a flying monkey fuck about it and CG would like to know if she is still available. He likes that kind of stuff. Thanks.)

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