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Full Version: Hello from Sweden
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Cheers from Sweden!
My name is Torsten Ramsby and I found this forum since I seemed forced and obliqued to make some research of my own with the internet as the source to the the empirical constituent in the formentioned project.It all begun with my purchase of a bottle"Kermanns Herbal Hairtonic"or was it "Uncle Kermit??".well,anyhow the absinth was absent though a bottle is present,and this left me utterly frustrated.Here in Sweden we buy alcohol from the gov.regulated shops contained under the denotation selling,distribution and handling trademark named "Systembolaget".In most cases this institution is a guarantee for quality but this honorable hallmark seems absent in the case of their handling in the process of stockpile absinth to the swedish citizens for proper purchase in the name of culture and healthpolitical conscerns.Myself Im an amateure in the knowledge and imbibing of the renowned FE Vert.Throughout the years I have used alcohol and in my younger days in pretty large quantitys allways with enyoyment in mind so I never succsedeed to booz me down to the definition of a fully developed alcoholic,but pretty close though.Nowdays I buy a bottle and take a sip now and then and it is finished in a halfyear-years time at most and in some months sometimes.So I never get drunk anymore just feels a bit warmer, stronger and mindstrengthened(if that is an adequate expression),this is a permanented standpoint since some 15 years for me in my relation to spirits.One good habit should never be left alone not even in the temple that our human bodies resembles to our souls so therefore Im glad to say that I am a happy man with a nearby tobaconist that can offer me cigars of premium quality.Cigars has been a passion of mine since I was 13 years old.To comfort my loss in the tragic purchase of the "Kermannstuff" I bought a bottle of PLANTATION RUM from Barbados, marked "Grand Reserve" and bottled by C.Ferrand,France, wich is more rum than Kermann ever will be absinth.I has started up what I call my "absinthwar against "systembolaget",I write them, I call them but get no argument of value from them.For example ,they tell me that there are no standards for what can be called absint and that Im told a day after the phonesupport let me know that the process they have in buying beverages involve a thorough process with professional "testdrinkers".If the Fee Vert forum has any swedish members I can show you the corresponance between me and systemet.
It feels very confident to be in such a honorable circle of people at a whim but thats the good thing with the new technique.I like to be a living being and be able to enjoy all the goods of perception and the taste buds,last but not least.Im eager to learn about the culture in and surrounding the consumption of absinth.Some 20 years ago I made a very primitive extract containing of wormwood and fernel and some mentheleafs.I macerated the herbs in alcohol and then Idiluted the extract with even more alcohol.This gave me a big bottle of a green liquid that opalised when I poured water into it and it tasted pretty fine I reconed.I had this bottle in a closet for some years and from green it was going to kind of mahoganycolour.My father used to take wormwood(that used to grow outside the doorstep)and macerate it in alcohol for a nice bitter.I can say that I has pretty good experience of alcohol scented with large quantitys of wormwood.As stated above the wormwood grew almost allower the province where I lived in those days.Now it is time to be cultivated in this Fee Vert hallmarked tradition and Im willing to listen and learn.Im gratefull to have found this forum and I have already got invaluable knowledge of an elucidating kind.Cheers to you all and Cheers to pleasant traditions!
Hello there , welcome to the fray!
A brief presentation

Woooah! What is that?!?! blink.gif

And Welcome
Uh hi.
Welcome! And that's so much for joining the opalescent and shining FE Verte! The pleasurableness is all ours!
Hi Torsten! Welcome to the forum.

A tip for making your experience more interactive: some people here don't like a "wall of words", especially with no paragraphs. It's very hard to read. You will do better making more brief posts.

Have you checked out
Welcome Sir!
QUOTE(Spoon @ Jan 24 2009, 11:45 PM) *

Hi Torsten! Welcome to the forum.

A tip for making your experience more interactive: some people here don't like a "wall of words", especially with no paragraphs. It's very hard to read. You will do better making more brief posts.

Have you checked out

Yep you are right man ,it looks fucking boring even to me but I know there is fair contents but a lousy disposition so in the future I must try to do better.Promise.Glad to be here!
Greetings Torsten, welcome here!
Tjena Torsten och vlkommen hit! (Det var en redigt lng pres, m jag sga!)

I'd like to see that correspondence between you and Systemet, just for fun. There are quite many of us who have done the same thing, questioning how come the otherwise pretty sharp people at Systemet persist in letting only this bottled swimming pool water sit on the regular shelf.
At least there's a little bit of good news: beginning this year, Duplais Verte and Duplais Balance is available at Systemet! Although they have to be ordered, and at more than twice the price compared to any internet vendor (making them more expensive than the Jades!)
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