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Full Version: Danes developing The Taste
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There can be interesting stuff on Facebook now and then, such as a message I got from Thomas Boston through his FB group, a bit later followed and confirmed by Hartsmar, stating that absinthe has found its way to Denmark. Mansinthe is now available there in the Faust Club (lovely name) and the wine store Bouquet in Frederiksberg.

I would like to congratulate Thomas on this occasion, as I believe he is the driving force behind this in Denmark. Well done my friend!
The Standard Deviant
Yes, well done! Are you sure they weren't happy with Kruts Karport?
Hehe, I've never tried or seen carport absinthe myself -is it actually absinthe?- and since no Dane I know mentions it to me I suppose the answer to your question, Deviant, is no :)
Absinthe Ben
Wonderful to hear, Stijn! LARS!.gif

Have you snagged a bottle yet to celebrate the occasion?
I find a reason to celebrate and snag a bottle every day. Or two :)

Call me an optimist.
I just got a little sample of Kruts Karport in the mail a couple days ago! It was a little surprise tucked in with something else. I had a good laugh when I saw it. It will actually be an interesting historical experience to taste it. I've probably had worse.
Kruts Karport was the first Absinthe that I ever tasted. I still have a ten year old sample that is the same neon green as it was when I first brought it back from Copenhagen.
Eric, when I received this sample I immediately thought of you because of that story you told me about when you were in Copenhagen many years ago.
Absinthe Ben
QUOTE(Absinthia @ Feb 8 2009, 12:34 PM) *

I find a reason to celebrate and snag a bottle every day. Or two :)

Call me an optimist.

If I had the financial means, I would gladly follow in your footsteps.:)
Haven't had that Kruts stuff for ages, but as I remember it, it's not downright nasty, just boring.
Longtime no see. Here is a short status from Denmark:

I have helped Juul´s Vinhandel in Denmark with selecting absinthe and vendors (no I don´t earn anything). At present we have apprx. 20 quality absinthes available for bars. A couple of news articles have been published in the media. We have participated in a couple of cultural events (concerts, poetry readings, vintage party´s) and tastings are coing up. We have "head office" at a bar in the central copenhagen that are now equipped with fountains and the largest selection of absinthe in any (public) bar in Denmark - no Crapsburg, no Pernod 68 and no, I haven´t tasted "Kruts Karport" - a look on the color is sufficient…

Furthermore we have hooked up with Henrik Hammer that distributes a fantastic new Gin : Geranium. in case you are interested in gin, I suggest you visit and/or - this gin really takes the G&T to new heights and can be enjoyed in its pure form. Well, Henrik has becom a huge absinthe-fan too.

And let´s get back to absinthe. Problems with absinthe in Denmark is, that it is quite expensive. However if you take the overall quality in consideration it is not that expensive in comparison with e.g. rum. Blanches have a hard time. People stille believe that real absinthe is colored and suisse products are quite expensive. However with a couple of words to the degustations people are thrilled.

Here is the current selection available for customers in Denmark:

Pernot: 1797, Doubs, Un Emile verte, VP
Artimisia: Clandestine
Persoz: La P´tite, valdetra Verte
Matter: D. balance, Kallnacher, mansinthe, brevans AO Spare
Devoille: Libertine (ok and fair price for an oilmix) or distributes the most. We belive this offers danes more than a good chance for a introdution to quality absinthe.

La Fee XS is available as well through another importer. Both XS are good absinthes, but the price is quite high (even higher in Denmark)

Exciting news: Monday we will have a taste of a forthcoming absinthe apperantly with a dane behind the company. We got a message from him through our website and now we are up for a tasting. - It is from Pontarlier (Pernot perhaps??). We are looking forward to this

Well, things seem to run on their own now. Absinthe is getting popular and other danish facebook-groups come up. Soon Gertz will have the first danish book on absinthe published. We are getting requests from companies that would like us to conduct tastings so - interest is blooming. As we don´t make a dime on the whole thing we have decided to stay "exclusive" wink.gif


Thomas Boston

The Danish Absinthe Society / Det Danske Absintselskab (danish only - sorry)
Oh, by the way my member status… "Novitate" doesn´t really reflect my efforts here in DK wink.gif

Sure, that's what all you Danes say.

Show us your tits vintage porn. w00t2.gif
The Standard Deviant
Well done to the Danish absinthe madmen, and thank you for the update Thomas!
Bruno Rygseck
Good work! Juul's is a great place to shop. I bought my first real absinthes from him in 2003 if I remember right. OK, it was Lasala and Montaña 55, but they were great at that time.
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