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Green Baron
Tombstone.gif tv_horror.gif
The amazing front man for The Cramps has passed away.
A long time favorite, one of the best live shows I’ve seen, and on Halloween to boot. Lux held nothing back, Poison Ivy looked amazing and sounded great (despite having all their shit stolen and using borrowed equipment).
The original psychobilly band, The Cramps have often been imitated, but never surpassed.
I’ve got all 96 tears for your 96 eyes, Lux. Goodnight, sweet prince of darkness. evill.gif
Donnie Darko
God dammit. They were pretty much my introduction to "alternative" type music. The first time I heard them I was in 6th grade (Bad Music for Bad People, of course) and me and my friend would skateboard on this ramp we built in his parent's barn and listen to that album over and over. Listening to "Drug Train" made all those falls on the concrete less painful.

I never got to see them live though, I had tickets for a show in Northhampton back in the late 90s but had to bail at the last second because of an exam at school. I should have skipped the exam.
Exactly what Donnie said. Always loved them, never got to see them. It's a real shame.
Donnie Darko
I hope the Rev. Horton Heat is at his funeral, he owes his sound to The Cramps, even though he usually gets the credit for inventing Psychobilly.

Has anybody seen that video of them playing at the mental hospital in San Fran in '79? Fucking incredible. Lux gets up and says "Somebody told me you guys were crazy, you seem pretty normal to me" and the crowd goes nuts…

Edit: here it is:
Green Baron
The good Reverend is awesome (especially the first 3 or 4 albums), definitely later generation psychobilly, but I like that he's got his own take on it…rather than being one of thousands of straight up Cramps imitators.

Yes, that Napa State footage is great (well, except for the actual video quality)! I've got that on VHS somewhere. Such a perfect venue for them!
I heard the news today, from my Beatles fan buddy. He sent me the article adding this "This guy was a bum."

One of my favorite bands and the concert I think of most often. The Cramps at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. Lux climbed the speaker stacks and licked the scum off the ornamental detail around the stage. Though he was already singing, I was on the second level and close enough to slide a quarter down the crack of his ass.

synthetic buddhist
Oh yeah. Saw'em in '87 at the old Ritz in NYC. They were great, Lux wore a gold lamé suit, put away a bottle of wine onstage, stripped down to gold lame briefs, climbed up the speakers, managed to cut himself up pretty good… I thought I should catch them before they faded into obscurity, little knowing 20 more years were to come.

Buh-bye, Lux. We hardly knew ye….(thank God)!

Beatles fans are so fucking annoying.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(Green Baron @ Feb 5 2009, 02:33 PM) *

The good Reverend is awesome (especially the first 3 or 4 albums)

Don't get me wrong, he is awesome. I've seen them 3 times. The only criticism I have is that they always do pretty much the same set with the same tricks, but hey, they're consistently tight, high energy and a lot of fun. You don't realize what a great guitarist he is until you see him live, most people think of him as a frontman vocalist but he has some sick skillz on that geetar.
Donnie Darko
QUOTE(synthetic buddhist @ Feb 5 2009, 03:58 PM) *

Beatles fans are so fucking annoying.

Ha. They do seem to have this attitude of "no, you don't understand, the Beatles were geniuses". Yeah, I do understand. They were great. And Paul is still a smug asshole who really needs to trim 9 minutes off of his live versions of "Hey Jude", the last 8 minutes of which are just him repeating the chorus.

The Beatles are the best band I never listen to. I have literally everything by them and pretty much the only two songs I ever put on are Blackbird and A Day In The Life.
I was taken by surprise of Lux's bumworthniess, by the Big Man. But he "my Beatles fan friend" kicks the asses of all other Beatles fans. So I give him his right to an opinion that "Lux is a bum". I have put him to task in explaining why he is a bum. And the best I could get from him was hearsay. I said my peace about that and why I liked the Cramps and without a beat the topic was dropped and we moved on.

And Donnie I don't remember if we discussed this, but when I talked to him about visiting NYC and asked if there were any Beatles sites I should see he said "Nope. It's where Lennon was killed. The lads liked NY but there's no reason to go there."

Oh, he's got some real strong opinions. That's why I'm a fan of the fan, man.
Donnie Darko
Oh, I didn't realize it was New York that killed John Lennon. I thought it was some nutter with a gun. I'm never going to go to England, because that's where cancer killed George Harrison.

Mean old New York city.
synthetic buddhist
Those doctors ruined Elvis.
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