Brunswick Green and I participated in a private, exclusive event for one of our personal friends for his newly released album "Hospital cafeterias". We helped him with an (in DK scale) impressive absinthe setup. The event was exclusively described in a few selected danish media.

Click here and watch the video "40 versions of the time before" here

Yes… not much happens in Martins videos, this is intended as he wants focus on the music. Personally we find the slowness and minimalism appealing - as with absinthe preparation, one might say. As you can see we tried to make this decadent event special, exciting and authentic in every way. We had the herbal trinity on silver plates, absinthe books, 2 replica fountains and a even a living green fairy caught in the green fogs! Bear in mind that gadgets and absinthe in this quality is uncommon in our little country up north.

Martin Hall is, besides his impressive CV and works, a great ambassador for promoting absinthe in Denmark and quite a name in art-circles. He often refers to absinthe and is an icon for what you associate with Belle Epoque and decadent lifestyle. The most known danish "absinthe-act" until today is a rapper who has made a tune about being wasted on Crapsburg. Personally I find ours and Martins approach more elegant.

Bottom line: Gertz, Brunswick Green and me are quite proud to cooperate with Martin promoting true absinthe in Denmark. We hope you enjoy(ed) the clip…


The green danes


More about Martin Hall:

I can highly recommend many of Martin Hall´s productions. He has an impressive CV as an author/musician starting with punk (incl. selfmutilation in stage) and now he is Denmarks Gentleman number 1 with a main interest in electronica, spoken word and neoclassical compositions along with his writing. Many of these later albums are quite suitable for the silent absinthe moments. In case you should be interested he has an english section on his website, several music videos on Youtube (including a recently banned video - YES!), 4 Myspace sites (various projects). Selected links:

* Martins website in english
* Martins videos on YouTube
* A glimpse of the past: Martin, dark, live and furious with "Under For", in 1984
* Irma Victoria and the hatebox experience - One of Martins more strange projects, beautiful strange music with Irma Victoria, an older (now deceased) lady singing false "denglish" (Danish/English) refrains of mainly death and despair with a morbid or humoristic twist.