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Donnie Darko
Good video:

Green Baron
That's some cool animation, thanks for posting. It's quite Gondry-like (or maybe Gondryesque is the word I'm looking for; surprised to read the credits and see it wasn't actually done by him), in a good way.
Donnie Darko
Yep, it was a husband/wife directing team. Pretty cool how they made it. Every now and then you still see music videos that have a great sense of imagination.
Wow, surprisingly creative and powerful for a music video. That's the most original stop-motion piece I've ever seen.
Green Baron
Yes, it's definitely cool to see actual engaging and artistic music vids from time to time.

Smiley's comment about creative stop-motion animation actually made me think of how I felt about this back in the day.

I don't get cable anymore, so I don't know what they play on MTV2 these days (and MTV1 wasn't really playing music last 10 times I checked over the years). However, I've been discovering a lot more interesting videos on YouTube, both professional and grassroots.

There's grass roots piece "related video" listed on the Her Morning Elegance page- maybe not quite as inventive, but still pretty cool stop animation.

I don't like everything the Danish band Blue Foundation has ever done, but I thought both this song and (quasi animated) video were neat.
I've always been a fan of the Tool videos that used stop-go animation.
Donnie Darko
Their videos are incredible. I think they're quite influenced by the Brothers Quay, whose work is stupefying.

How one can stop-motion animate iron filings like that is beyond my comprehension.
And there's their film for the His Name is Alive Song……feature=related

If you really want to be unnerved, watch their film Street of Crocodiles.
Green Baron
Wow, Street of Crocodiles was pretty cool. It's weird to think it's actually based on a narrative book, being so hyper visual and impressionistic. Lynchian in some ways, but it was the perfect length to be entertaining. With some Lynch stuff, it just goes on too long and I want out.

Being circa '86, I can see how the brothers Quay style has been influential to some of the more artistic music videos on down the line. Further reading on Wikipedia indicates that both Nine Inch Nails and Tool have said as much.

I imagine iron filings can be manipulated and animated with a series of magnets…but to get it to do what it does in Dramolet/Stille Nacht I is crazy!

One of my favorite creepy/artistic stop motion films is The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb. I highly recommend seeing it on DVD or VHS for maximum visual enjoyment. However, it's also on YouTube in six parts, starting with part 1 here.

And here's a little something awesome I stumbled upon while getting the Tom Thumb links-
Speaking of digits in stop motion films makes me think of this one.
Green Baron
Damn, that hand is even more terrifying and oppressive than the one in Evil Dead 2. A very effective political allegory.

Made me read up a bit on Jiří. How fucked, and how ironic that the totalitarian Czech government gave him a state run heroes funeral and then banned the film 2 months later.
Green Baron
My apologies to anyone who's tried and failed to use the "something awesome" link. It wasn't working for me at a any rate. Hopefully, this one works better.

In the meantime, here's a great Tim Burton classic.
Prettyfuckingcool, Double-Deedles.
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