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Here's the offer:

410ml of Laurier Napoleon brandy, bottled in Bordeaux in 1960-1970, a really rare opportunity to taste the magnificient artisanal brandy of exceptional smoothness and beautiful power. AFAIK Laurier brandy is no longer available and as such it is rarer than some better style cognacs of the heyday.

The bottle itself contained 740ml of the precious liquid you can see on the pics below. The samples will be decanted into 30ml and 60ml. It is the only way to taste something that is the quintessence of artisanal brandy, something you will never experience in the modern style brandies as well as some cognacs.

PM me for more details.

This is the 2nd bottle of that exceptional quality ever found so take your pick.

Laurier Napoleon brandy contains 50.9% of alcohol by volume and is made from the finest Bordeaux wine distillates.
Few samples left.

The company is Adet Seward S.A. It was founded in 1852 and specialized in being one of the most important wine merchants of Chateau wines of Bordeaux. Back in a day they were making brandies as well. I do not possess the exact date of Laurier brand's launch, but it is probable it disappeared in the 80's. Nowadays, aside from wine, the company is known for two brandies and especially one: Beehive is their flagship product.

As some of you know, the price is attractive and there is a possibility of trade.

As some of the people interested demanded the tasting notes, here they are:

Colour is slightly yellow amber with burnt sienna gleams.

Aroma-the front body is slightly sharp, decisive flower with the hint of fresh peach. It is very inviting, the alcohol heat is discernible. The back body is nut flavours paired with some old wine grapes (like that of Tokaji) and very discrete oakiness that smells very nicely and gently.

Taste-crisp, long lingering and very smooth on the palate, dry character that develops in the warm, woody finish.

In terms of vintage brandies or cognacs, I would say it is not as good as Martineau Cognac or Stock brandy of the same year, but has power, potential and the spirit of artistry in every sipped drop.

I review absinthe and vodka usually, so this is just my opinion and not sure if presented the right or the wrong way.
Donnie Darko
How does it louche?
Slight haze, it is brandy, after all, so you wouldn't except a thick, creamy solid louche of Pernod fils, would you? evill.gif
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