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Full Version: Hello From "SoCal"
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Hello from Southern California,

 I first got into absinthe only about six months ago when a friend bought a bottle at an indian reservation (he's a long haul trucker). Well, I got this call from him saying "guess what I just bought… Absinthe!" So after that call I started doing some research, and found this site and WS, also some other websites dedicated to absinthe. So by the time my friend got into town I had a bottle of Kübler and a bottle of Leopold Bros.
 So in he walks with his precious bottle of *cough* Le Tourment *cough*
The Kübler was enjoyed, the Leopold Bros. was greatly enjoyed, the glasses of Le Tourment went down the sink… (we both agreed that it was aptly named).

 Now six months later this is what I've got in my cabinet-

Belle Amie (v. 2.0)
Jade 1901
Leopold Bros.
Le Tourment (I'm keeping it as an abject lesson on what not to buy)
St. George

…that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Green Baron
Welcome BL!

Yes, with all the fakesinthe out there, it's definitely necessary to be well informed before making a purchase.

Le Tourment will certainly make any lesson an abject tasting experience.
And St. Gorge Caesar Dressing (who made-a da salad?!) ain't too far behind, neither.
Welcome and tell us your thoughts on the rest you've got.
Damn , Born loucher does have a natural talent for taste.
QUOTE(Absomphe @ Mar 2 2009, 10:38 PM) *

And St. Gorge Caesar Dressing (who made-a da salad?!) ain't too far behind, neither.

Though I know this will be highly unpopular, I actually like St. George, and as admittedly "unusual" as it is I think that it certainly is not in the same class as Le Tourment which should be on the cologne shelf (if you try it neat), or on the shelf with mouthwash (if you try to louche it). At least St. George belongs somewhere in the "absinthe" universe.
Thanks Kirk,

 Your spoons are absolutely beautiful, especially the wormwood leaf spoon. I just wish I could afford them. All others pale in comparison. How's that for taste? abs-cheers.gif
Welcome… to both this site, and the club of folks who love Kirk's spoons but can't afford them.
Hi BL, welcome to FV!
How come I haven't seen the spoons? I'd like to see them too =)
Click the "my minions" link in Kirk's signature to see the spoons.
Oh yes, now I understand what everyone means =)
Thanks Spoon!
Did you remember to click the "Add to cart" button?
Then, check out.
This has been an advertising blitz for Kirk's spoons… my job here is done! Born_Loucher rides off into the sunset… he he
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