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Full Version: Tell me what you think…
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Hello again,

I'm not going to present myself this time, but something about me…

I just finished translating a website about absinthe - some of you may have already heard about RueVerte… - and I would like to know what you think about it…
I'm not an absinthe expert, neither do I speak perfect English, that's why I need to have opinions so that I can correct whatever needs to be corrected….

Thanks for your help! =)
Not a complaint about the translation, but the 'helper' was not very helpful. For a connoisseur who likes measured bitterness, verte, and doesn't care about alcohol content it only suggested Segarra, Ike 68 and Vdf. That's a pretty skimpy recommendation list.

Also, one thing about the 'color of your absinthe' question: I'd recommend 'clear' instead of 'white' unless you're talking about post-louche color.
Wild Bill Turkey
Unless the Bugnon distillery is going out of business, you probably want to say the Opaline is their "latest" absinthe, not their "last".
QUOTE(Alexia @ Mar 3 2009, 10:13 AM) *

Hello again,I just finished translating a website about absinthe

That's not a website about absinthe, it's a website selling absinthe. Your presentation of the site sounds like a shill. Why should anyone have "already heard" about another site selling Hapsburg and Hills?
"Last absinthe" conveys a different meaning (as in "la dernière cigarette") than "latest absinthe".

"To discover" is a stinted translation for "à découvrir". Just use the imperative "discover".

Here are 9 quality absinthes, with a high alcohol percentage, just like the traditional absinthes you found during the Belle Époque.

I'd recommend "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" as bedtime reading. Also, you can remove the "you" (which is a poor substitute for the French impersonal "on", and unnecessary here).


- Some of the flavours would not show up if the degree of alcohol was not so high.

"Show up" is not exactly right. Actually, just "show" is just as good, as it's also an intransitive verb in English. Of course "would not be revealed" or something like that will also work.

"Incontrovertible" isn't the English for "incontournable". Try "inevitable", "indispensable", "inescapable", "must-see" or "must-try", "…that cannot be ignored" or something in that vein (it's a matter of style and taste).

"High potency" also sounds a bit odd, but I can't quite grasp what you want it to convey. You could use "spirited" (pun intended), but also "absinthes with brawn" if you don't want to go for the obvious "strong" or "powerful".

The French "agréable" is "pleasant" in English.

"A click" takes a final "k" in English.

"exceptional" has only one "n" in English.

"Palate" refers to the sense of taste in persons - an absinthe usually doesn't have one (though it does have a palette of flavours).
And it is sometimes shipped to large customers on a pallet.
QUOTE(sixela @ Mar 3 2009, 09:45 PM) *

"absinthes with brawn"

A far superior combination is beer with headcheese.
Ok, thank you for all your comments. All the corrections are on their way to be made, I just need to wait for the Webmaster to wake up!

Let me just please try to justify myself here a little…

For the punctuation bit, yes I have no idea how it works in English, because I never learnt English at school, or how to write it, I just grew up speaking it. So the best I can do is try reproduce what I hear as well as I can. That's why it probably seams very weird sometimes.
I make sure I get myself a copy of "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"

Now for the Czech absinthes part, well that's a whole other story… First of all, I'm not the one who chose to offer such a large sort of absinthes, I'm just a kind of link between the French creator and the English market…
As you might have noticed, all the sorts that you might not want to name absinthe are not really put forward, and the "selection" bit only suggests the quality absinthes.
Moreover, I think the idea was that if people who think absinthe has to be fluorescent green, have a 90° alcohol and come from Spain, are looking for absinthe on the Internet and arrive on this website, they might think again when they see that so many other absinthes are highler more recommended.
It might all seam a bit strange, I'm not trying to defend bad absinthes or anything, just trying to explain my point of view…

As for the "website about absinthe", well it is "about absinthe". Ok, it's a shop, but it also has much information and descriptions and everything. I should have probably described it another way, but I didn't want to say "Hey, look at my new absinthe shop!" All I want it your opinion and maybe a little help…
Moreover, I think a magazine is supposed to be added to the website sometime, in which news will be added frequently..

For the "helper", I'm not the one who programmed it, but I can imgaine it's not a piece of cake to come up with something really accurate and precise, but I agree with you, it could be way better!!
I'm gonna stay out of this one, but I think Provenance might have summed it up.

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