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Full Version: NHL Films piece on Jordan Leopold
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Thought some of you would get a kick out of this. NHL films came in for a day with Jordan Leopold, who now plays with the Calgary Flames. Got to play lotsa hockey, and did a bit of distilling with Jordan for the film crew. You can find the piece at, and it's airing during period breaks of NHL games in the US and Canada.

Calgary Flames' Jordan Leopold at Leopold Bros. Distillery

That was a kickass little video. Thanks for sharing it.
That was awesome! I'm a big hockey fan and of course an absinthe fan so the two together is just cool. I'm gonna have to put in an order for some Leopold absinthe as I have yet to try any. I know, I know…I've been taking a break from drinking all together, for a little while anyway. I'll get back to it soon enough. That was cool though.

gun thug.gif
Absinthe Blanche aging in wood barrels? Interesting that I don't think you mention making absinthe but the labeled barrels keep showing up on screen. Very nice piece.
Just like Pernod fils blanche, or Segarra 45. Why do you wonder? Superb viddie and great idea for an endorsement by a normal guy if a famous hockey player (at least not a quasi controversial "musician"). Glad Leopold keeps the traditons alive.

I like the way Todd is able to explain complicated things in about 5 words.
QUOTE(absinthist @ Mar 8 2009, 01:08 PM) *

Why do you wonder?

Because so far I've only heard talk of Leopold Verte.
Todd , that was beautiful , you rock .
I was a fun, yet stressful day. The call came in from NHL films to my assistant the day before filming. We pretended that it was a phone call sending him to the big league for months. As in, "Erich, this is Darryl Anderson from the NHL". Once in a lifetime phone call for my assistant…..too funny, right? Obviously, he was calling to make arrangement for filming, but it was fun to pretend that Erich had to pack his stick and get on a plane to a NHL city.

We had to get all the shots of Jordan condensed into about an hour of shooting because he was running very late because the Avalanche had just visiting the Children's Hospital in Denver. It took Jordan a while to get a smile on his face.

What you can't hear during the hockey sequences was that my other assistant Denny and I were laughing too hard to play. Hearing and watching Jordan's lightning fast stickwork up close like that was too funny for words. We couldn't have gotten the ball away from him if we tried!

It was nice, though, my assistant Erich got an epic save on film for his grandkids to see one day. You can hear the film crew yell 'Great Save' in the background. Totally hilarious. Erich's father is a lifelong Red Wings fan, and he just got to see the piece during a period break of a Red Wings game last week. He was almost in tears he was so giddy.

FWIW, I did talk about Absinthe……and Gin, and other spirits. They just edited it out, is all. I think that they did an outstanding job with the spirits part cosidering the piece was about Jordan, and not distillation.

It was a fun, fun day. After filming, the producer, cameraman, and sound technician picked up sticks, and we had a hell of a fun game of hockey. We had to move barrels outside the building to make room for the shots.

Oh…..and the "Absinthe Blanche" barrels is nothing more than a collection point for distillate as it waits for the coloration/aroma infusion stage. I'm not going to be releasing a blanche.

Glad you like it guys. I've NEVER been as nervous as I was when I had to do the sit down portion of the interview. I actually stopped them for a minute, took a shot of my herbal liqueur, and then continued filming. It really helped!

We're really hoping that it airs during Hockey Night in Canada…..a show I've watched for years, and love dearly.
QUOTE(Leopold @ Mar 8 2009, 11:30 AM) *

took a shot of my herbal liqueur,

That stuff is delicioso!
Lord Stanley
QUOTE(Leopold @ Mar 8 2009, 11:30 AM) *

Erich's father is a lifelong Red Wings fan, and he just got to see the piece during a period break of a Red Wings game last week. He was almost in tears he was so giddy.

As you might guess from my alias here, I'm a bit of a hockey fan too. A long-time Avalanche fan no less. When you first came around and introduced yourself as a distiller in Denver, a possible connection to Jordan came to mind. Erich's father probably wasn't too thrilled that Jordan was an integral part of 2 Avalanche wins over the Wings this year - a penalty shot goal and a game-winning shootout goal. The day Jordan was traded to the Flames was the first time the Wings beat the Avs all season. Of course, the Wings are the defending champs and the Avs stink this year so I suppose Detroit gets the last laugh.

Great clip by the way. We watch quite a few games on Center Ice but I hadn't caught that one yet.
Cool. I figured that there had a to be a few puckheads on FV.

Heh, yeah, Eric's dad was pretty torn as we had to root for the Avs for a while. I'm a lifelong Rangers fan, and Jordan's wife invited me to go see the Avs v. Rangers game. We sat in front of Milan H.'s family….it sucked, because I had to sit on my hands the whole game when there was a big hit or a goal from the Rangers. Of course, I pointed out to Jordan that the Rangers haven't been a threat to anyone for a looooong time, so what's the harm in rooting for them?

But both Erich, his Dad, and I are thrilled that Jordan was traded because, as true hockey fans, we all love any Canadian team. It was hard for them to like the Avs as they both grew up in Michigan.

We have Center Ice, too, and we haven't seen the piece either. We know it has aired four times now because we had massive spikes on our website visits on four separate days. Calgary plays on HNIC next Saturday, so we're going to drink a bunch of cheap beer, and hope that it airs maybe in the pregame or something…..otherwise it's the Hot Stove and Cherry during the two breaks.
Lifelong Pens fan here. I lived in Pittsburgh from age 7 to 18. Had season tickets every year. I remember when we played the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. We had a bunch of Chi-town mob guys in lime green suits sitting in front of us. Not a lot of cheering went on that night, even though we decimated them.
Lord Stanley
QUOTE(Leopold @ Mar 12 2009, 11:22 AM) *

It was hard for them to like the Avs as they both grew up in Michigan.

I grew up in Canada but live in Michigan now, not too far from Ann Arbor actually. I was in Denver to see the Avalanche beat the Wings and Predators in late December. A few weeks ago, I saw the Avs get another shootout win from a corporate suite at Joe Louis - not much love for me that night being the only Colorado fan in the group. It somewhat made up for last season when the Avalanche lost all 5 games I saw them play, including 3 against Detroit.
Pittsburgh is a horribly underrated city, IMHO. My brother worked for Westinghouse in Pitt for a couple of years, and he loved it….and I loved visiting. Beautiful hills, just enough dirt under the fingernails.

Lord Stanley, if you're even planning on coming in for an Avs game, I can get tix, and hoist a few pints.

Lord Stanley
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. We've gone to Colorado for 5 of the past 6 years between Christmas and New Years (minus the lockout year) to see a couple Avs games and do some skiing.

This year, our flight out of Chicago on the 26th was cancelled because of fog and we drove all night to make sure we didn't miss the Wings game the next night. Not a fun drive - zero visibility from the fog until Des Moines - but we made it to Denver at about 10 AM and the game was worth it.

By the way, I just ordered a bottle of your absinthe last week from DUNY but the whole order is on hold until next month when the Vieux Carre is available. I'm eager to finally try it out.
I doubt you'll be disappointed, to say the least.
Great video - sorry to be coming so late to the party! I grew up at the old Broadmoor World Arena, watching the Colorado College Tigers get thrashed by whomever it was coming to town. (It was the bad old days of the 1960s.) I love hockey. It makes me think of two bands that are trying to play, but are also trying to keep the other band from playing. Every few minutes, you get a few seconds of music.
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