There's probably a thread about this LaBleu somewhere but I'm too lazy to find it and bring it back from the dead.

I've just finished my first bottle of La Valote Bovet and I already put two bottles on order. Need I say more ?

These days I'm really in the mood for uncolored absinthes so I've been tasting a few Lableu and I'm about to taste some more soon ( including the Combier Blanchette, Valote Martin and the Swiss La Ptite, white ladies I haven't tasted yet + some more Clandestine "alcool de vin"). As you can see, I'm building a supply for the upcomming season ;-)

I'll try to remember to post review of those in a few weeks to provide a more up to date commentary (many Lableu haven't been revewed recently so we don't know about potential improvements).

Now what's so special about Willy Bovet's absinthe that's pushing me to load my credit card for two extra bottles ?


I always find it is overshadowed by anis in most absinthes.Mr Bovet is brewing a clean, nice and crisp fennel bomb. It is so "fennelly" I can use it mixed with other absinthes for the sole purpose of raising the level of fennel in the final product.

Yes, after so many years of drinking absinthes I don't care about breaking taboos anymore and I confess I'm now shamelesly blending the finest commercial absinthes to tweek them to my personal taste. One very nice mix I made is 2/3 Bovet 1/3 Bugnon's Clandestine alcool de vin (wich also tame the strong wine alcool base used by Bugnon). Charlotte also mix pretty well with Bovet in a half and half ratio, keeping the minty characteristic while adding some fennel to the score.

Now if you haven't tasted Valote Bovet yet, the question on your lips probably is is it good on its own ? Yes it is, if you like fennel. I like it very much unsweetened (or with no more than 1/2 tea spoon of sugar per oz of pure absinthe) with sushi. To me this is the ultimate "sushi absinthe". That's why I have two bottles on order, one for blending, the other to sip on its own.

ps.: If you understand french, there's also a very nice video about Mr Bovet on the web. Note that he's talking about retiring so if you like his absinthe, maybe it's time to stock.