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Full Version: More on REDUX Absinthe …
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Well, the Maison De La Vie "village distillery" project continues to move forward at a snails pace … but we are moving forward.

This past weekend REDUX Absinthe was awarded a Bronze Medal at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The formula of the sample submitted is still a "distillers proof" … It's a good result for our first public tasting.

As for the distillery itself … our plans to build a distillery in North East Ohio have now been scrapped as I will be relocating to the Denver area over the next year for family reasons.

My stills are in storage and will remain there until we can move them to Colorado and build and license a distillery there.

In the mean time REDUX Absinthe will go into production hopefully within the next few months at either a distillery in Michigan that we have a letter of intent with, or at distillery in France that we're in discussions with …. if the latter happens, Maison De La Vie will pursue a license as an importer, and will likely import other tasty libations along with our own product in the near future as well.

As soon as I figure out where we'll be producing I'll continue improving formula and processes for REDUX on the production stills we'll be using.

In the mean time we're working on the web-site as well, adding a lot of content and information … ultimatly including a distiller's library and an area where we'll be making small quantities of Antique distillation equipment available for purchase. So please check back at or www. from time to time.

More to follow …


Thanks Kirk!

Holy crap! Hey, Stephen.

You're doing the exact same thing I've been interested in working on!

In fact, unless I'm mistaken, numerous times we've been battling on book bids and vintage equipment auctions! I really like the idea of the project and would love to share old distilling manuals, books and such if you're interested.

Are you the same individual David was assisting on snaggin' my Egrot still? You've got good taste, my friend. PLEASE stay in contact!
Get a room
How where you able to submit an absinthe into the competition without a distillery in place?
Which is it Chris… how, or where?
Whoops… sorry about that; I meant were not where.
QUOTE(Chris @ Mar 27 2009, 10:51 PM) *

How where you able to submit an absinthe into the competition without a distillery in place?

Well, we have an agreement to distill at one distillery, and have done some distilling at another (where the version of the product we submitted came from).

The company, Maison De La Vie, Ltd., is a legal entity, the brand is legally trade-marked, and we're in the process of building a functional business … Not an ideal situation, but with the change in plans on where and when to build my own distillery it is what it is.

I wanted to get this distiller's proof out there and see what people outside my close circle of friends thought about where we are so far.

My formula for this Absinthe is pretty much done, except for the tweeking to final production stills. I know what taste I want … but can't take things any further until I settle on where we'll produce for the next couple years. Then I'll do the final "tune-up" and role out the "production" version of REDUX.

We're getting close on that …

Thanks for the interest.

It's easy to be interested when you have such interesting news.
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