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Full Version: Russian Hairdresser
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Wild Bill Turkey
Am I the only one who didn't catch this story until now? I would think the pop media would be flogging this for all it was worth. Maybe I missed it?

Armed robber goes into Russian hair salon, waving gun around and demanding cash and jewelry from staff and customers. Cute twenty-eight year old blond hairdresser, trained in martial arts, subdues him, ties him up in the back room, and feeds him Viagra and rapes him for the next two or three days. Gives him money and new clothes when she finally lets him go. Now he's pressing charges.

Moscow Times ( follow the link in the article for pictures of the players involved)
I need to start robbing hair salons.
What a beautiful world we live in. A man can't even rob a hair salon without getting kicked, tied up and raped for days. By a cute blonde girl.
WBT, what Google News Alert do you have to receive such stories? Keywords/phrases in this article could be viagra, "injured genitals," "squeezed like a lemon," or "sex slave."
My money is on sex slave.
Wild Bill Turkey
I was told about the story by my breakfast waitress yesterday. She's crazy, though, so I thought she was prolly making it up, or had misunderstood something she'd heard. So I searched for it when I got home.
Donnie Darko
I wouldn't be surprised if the Russkies were embellishing, though personally knowing a few Russians, it wouldn't surprise me either if it were totally true.

I saw an article from the Russian press a couple of days ago about a man who had a fir-tree growing in his lung, which was mistaken for cancer on an X-ray, and it wasn't until operating on it that they realized it was it was a fir seedling. Except that it isn't a fir seedling, it's obvious from the picture that it's a cutting of a mature fir-tree branch with no roots or any evidence suggesting that it actually grew in the lung. One wonders how well it would grow in a 98F environment with no sunlight anyway.

What usually passes for "news" in Russia is articles that the NY Post would turn down.
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