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Full Version: Trip down Scandinavian lane
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Some months ago I got my hands on a bottle of pure Scandinavian "goodness".
The Danish Bennoh absinthe by Benni Golf of Copenhagen. Bottle dates to somewhere between 1950 and 1960.

One day I poured some in a glass and it looked quite nice but the aroma was... well, let's say it was flat, uninteresting and not that intriguing at all.

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So, then I added water to it... And I immediately started wondering...

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Where did that louche go!? And what the hell is with that taste? Sad. All my expectations, built up over years of wanting to find this and taste it - POOOF. Gone.
To its defense, only about 6cl where left of the original 25cl. Maybe that's where all the louching goodness was... viking_emoticon.gif be continued...
Green Baron
That's too bad…Really cool bottle though.
Hm. Not spectacular, to say the least … looking forward to read part 2, though.
Any more info as regards the producer? What was he specializing in, when he established that brand and is it authentic since the contents are not what one would await from bot/label?

Double bad luck.
The contents of this (and the other) are certainly authentic. both bottles had completely intact seals and corks and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I have quite some info but I'll leave that to another time.
Reminds of these, hence the question:

IPB Image

(the all possible faux Chartreuse liqueurs, note middle one from Czechoslovakia and the really radioactive Russian one).
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