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Full Version: Absinthe alcohol
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"Just another drink or a legend?" I'd say a bit of both, actually… Anyway, here it is:…nk-or-a-legend/
Wild Bill Turkey
This is definitely some kid's high-school mid-term paper complete with bad syntax and the most basic misinformation. I had to double-check the date to believe it wasn't written five years ago.
Not necessarily. The following is current from the Washington Post.
Gin, it turns out, is simply vodka infused with botanicals and herbs…

I can't wait to get me one of them Green Devil home gin kits.
At least they didn't say that gin is just vodka waiting for proper rectification.
May be good to know that the website they refer to in that "article" contains a Trojan virus. Three different AVs detect it, so...
I thought Trojans were supposed to stop viruses.
There must be a hole in that theory.
Hm. Seems like he wants to imply that "Bohemian style absinthe" was around pre-ban. We'll probably see other articles like this soon and then they're going to reference each other in a roundabout fashion. :/
QUOTE(fryke @ Jun 17 2009, 02:53 PM) *

Hm. Seems like he wants to imply that "Bohemian style absinthe" was around pre-ban.

Of course it was.

And we've always been at war with Eurasia.
Now we're at war and always have been at war with Eastasia.
I have always been at war with Urantia .
Talk about a blast from the past.

Still have my copy of the third printing.

My favorite term it the book was "facecrime." How you had to control every expression you make, lest someone see it and make a judgment that you were out of line. Oh and "ownlife." That was a good one too! If you even went off on a walk on your own or seemed to be lost in though you could get vaporized for that.

That would be a great t-shirt, ownlife.
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