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I'm trying to send myself an archive of some PM's to free up some space. I've never done this before, I always just deleted a bunch of old messages. The archive is arriving to my gmail as a bunch of inline garbled ascii text (not as an attachment). Any advice?
If you switch the 'compile data file' to HTML, you'll get an attachment that's pretty easy to read through, allthough you can't index it or see messages broken out.
That doesn't work for me. I get the same result. I bet gmail is the problem. Oh well, I'll just delete a bunch of messages.
It seems to be the board. I just checked and find the same thing is happening to me through Comcast.
I get no attachment included with the email, just garbled text.
On the other hand, it could be a Mac thing. The very same email has the attachment of PMs when I open it on the Wintel Machine.
Think of it like this;
it's nice you were thinking of it.
That's what I file most things under these days
if I can't remember what that meant
maybe it's best I forgot it
QUOTE(G&C @ Jun 10 2009, 06:17 PM) *

On the other hand, it could be a Mac thing. The very same email has the attachment of PMs when I open it on the Wintel Machine.

Same problem on my Vista machine at work. Also I just tried using XP and (ugh) IE on Parallels.

I give up. Kirk's right, it's ephemeral, I'm just going to let it go.
Even the porn things I sent you?
Wild Bill Turkey
No, the porn he printed out as wallpaper. I don't mean a wallpaper pattern for his computer screen, he printed it out 8 ft by 15 ft and pasted it on his living room walls. It looks really cool, but a lot of people freak out when they first go to his place.
Hmmm? Does not work for me either. With Google or my other email client.

Have made arrangements to have FTD deliver flowers to all those affected. If you do not receive flowers then I have most likely increased the number of saved messages. Happy Boveressing.

Thank you, kind sir!
The Standard Deviant
For me, both txt file and html options fail to show up as attachments in the mail client running on my computer, but when I view the same emails using webmail (Squirrel Mail), the attachments are there.
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