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Full Version: Should I bother reviewing…..
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I have a bottle that I'm wondering if I should even bother reviewing. I found a bottle, maybe one of the last, of Hermes in a store in Kurume. It was cheap. I think about 1200yen, call it 12 bucks. I'm positive it is not an old properly wormwooded version, just becuase I don't think it could have been sitting on the shelf THAT long! So as many have pointed out, it's not even a proper absinthe. I bought it mostly out of curiosity.
So my qiestion is, is it worth reviewing Hermes to add it's score to the list (which I don't think will be all theat high really) or should I just not. I doubt suntory will ever start producing it again. Is anyone curious enough to want a review?
Not really but thanks .
Review it, a quick one, it's always good to have a maximum of absinthes reviewed in the BG (after Harstmar move his lazy ass and add them viking_emoticon.gif )
Hermes is a part of the history. It should be documented.
QUOTE(mthuilli @ Jun 15 2009, 06:40 AM) *

Review it, a quick one

" poop.gif " should suffice.
Even a negative review of something can be of use, or, educational to the masses.
Yeah , I was grumpy this morning , I guess that was my review , sorry about that , we really should have several reviews of everything that ever claimed to be absinthe .
Besides, there's good sport in getting innocent schmucks to drink things that they already claim to know better than to try.
Review it, most of us aren't going to run a across a bottle of it anytime soon.
Yes, please. The Hermes line of liquors were similar, I believe, to that of Dekuyper, Juaquin, Arrow, Brizzard etc. At least that's what I've gathered from vintage Japanese advertising. And I've always been curious about it.

Wild Bill Turkey
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I'm gonna start calling you Wild Goose Chase.
Getting my hopes up like that.

OK then. Maybe I can get my friend to come over and we'll each have a glass, so there will be two opinions. We'll see. I gave him a taste before, so he may not be interested in having more :) Maybe if I tell him we'll have the Jade Edouard after he'll be more interested :) If anyone else isn't far from Fukuoka prefecture, you're welcome to come join in!
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