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Full Version: Are your politicians as corrupt and unacountable as ours?
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I was interested to know if there was any interest or even awareness outside of the UK of the currently running MPs expenses scandal that has so far finished the careers of dozens of MPs, has several under police investigation of corruption, and the scandal seems to include almost all MPs right the way up from lowly back-bencher to the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition.

Claims ranging from 88p bath-plug, a donation to a church collection, rental of porn movies, installing saunas, swimming pools, clearing a moat around an MPs grand home, building a floating duck house in an MPs duck pond, claiming for mortgages paid on homes that don't exist…… the list is endless. Our hard-earned money is going to pay for our politicians to claim whatever they like and submit the claim requiring no receipt or proof whatsoever (gentleman's agreement, 'honourable members' and all that wink.gif ) under the guise of it being necessary for them to fulfil their duties as an elected MP! They have the nerve to then claim to not see what the problem with it all is.

Then our Prime Minister, in order to try to quell public anger, says that full details of the individual MPs expenses will be released, they are released with half of the claim details blacked out. 'Redacting' they call it (Websters definition of redact is to "prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting"). Not censorship or hiding information of course, just 'redacting'.

This scandal doesn't just include a few 'bad apples' it includes almost all MPs of all political parties. Then they wonder why so few people in the UK bother to vote (36% of those eligible voted in the recent European and county elections).

Are things as bad as this in the USA ?
I don't know , here they hide it better .
Why don't a bunch of you get together and form a new country?
I've been following it. I'm easily amused.
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