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Full Version: Leopold Bros. in Colorado Biz Mag
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Well, I gave a description as to how WS and FV posters helped with the coloring process, and how Eric et. al. photos of distillation was a big help, and this is how it came out…..

The discussion of thujon (yes: sp) and basil didn't quite come out right either.
Leopold Bros. in Colorado Biz Magazine

Nice article , that's some beautiful equipment you've got there too .
I didn't know about your distilling past , either , It's starting to make sense now , you didn't exactly just pop up out of nowhere .
We are lucky to have you around .
That would make spaghetti dinners much more interesting

Nice one Scott!
colored with fennel, anise and of course wormwood.

The journalists, eh, the journalists…

Good ink, nevertheless, Todd LARS!.gif
Thanks for the kind words, Kirk.

Well, in defense of the writer, he's a lifestyle writer, so everything we told him was brand new information. He had no reference points to draw from….
Good job Todd! All the best with all your spirits. Good ink always helps.
Donnie Darko
Any idea when your absinthe will be back in stock at DUNY, or do you have any plans to have Astor Wines carry it? My bottle is empty. Also, any plans to offer any of your other creations in NY?
Do you ever feel like there are people out there conspiring against your desire to be a small batch distiller?
Ha. Sometimes, Tibro.

DD, we're probably done with New York for the year. Sorry. Best Cellars in Dupont Circle will ship your way, though.

Sadly, that apparently means that us folks back in the mitten can't get any of your stuff unless we're in for a long drive, eh?
Well, sort of. We should ship our first pallets to Illinois within the next 60 days. So it'll be closer, if that's any help.

Nice to see you're getting good press …

Funky D
I'm kicking myself… I was just in Denver this past weekend and didn't realize Colorado was the home of Leopold Bros. Probably for the best though, as the bottle wouldn't have made it home on my carry-on luggage anyway biggrin.gif
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