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A hit and run driver drove his car into a bicycle riding Eric last night. He's in down town Austin TX at Brackenridge Hospital, room 929.
I just got off the phone with him, a cracked #1 lumbar vertebrae and elbow plus road burns from head to toe and his Schwinn is trashed.
He said he is looking forward to getting some phone calls at 512 324 7929. Give him a call.
Self employed musicians are supposed to avoid being injured, but I guess the hit and run driver wasn't thinking clearly.
I and my parents are wishing Eric a quick recovery and sending our prayers from the other side of the pond.
Absinthe Ben
Thanks so much for letting us know. I'll give him a ring and he will be in my prayers.
I hope the chicken-shit hit-and-run driver gets pegged.

Here's hoping Eric has a fast and full recovery, b'Jebus.
Awww, xit! I'm going to go give him a call.
The road burn on his wrist looks like Jesus.

Jaded Prole
Thanks for the number.
Donnie Darko
YIKES, thank goodness he's alive! Too often I've seen the results of Car vs. Bicycle result in death for the bicyclist (I've seen 2 bike fatalities here in NYC in the last 2 years alone and my friend from college lost her ex-boyfriend due to some idiot in a van). I'm really relieved he doesn't have a head injury.

I'll give him a call after dinner.
Damn! That is not fucking cool at all.
In nearly three years, these past few days represented the only extended interval over which my access was non-existent to the forum…

Thanks for calling me, you know who you are… otherwise I wouldn't have known what-the-hell was going on.

Eric was just getting some food served. He's sounds veeeery worn out. I think some rest will do him some good.

Damn!, talking to Eric now.
Donnie Darko
I think I'll call him tomorrow, let him get some rest. Poor guy. I can't think of a worse thing to happen to a nicer person. They better be giving him Morphine. Back injuries can be excruciatingly painful. I sure hope somebody saw what happened so they can find the fucker who hit him. If they fled then they were either drunk or uninsured or probably both. I hope Eric at least has some kind of med coverage…
Green Baron
That is indeed exceedingly awful. My thoughts and hopes for a full recovery are with Eric.

I hope he's got coverage too. This is a bad day and age to be without.
I just got off the telephone with Eric.

He's in a lot of pain and wondering how he survived. Says he is doubled over with pain in his innards.

I told him to keep hitting the nurse button until they hit him up with the serious dope.

Eric is a wonderful person. I would urge anybody wondering whether or not to call, to go ahead and call (not too late at night though, he has to rest). You never know when a given chance is your last chance - don't be shy.
synthetic buddhist
QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Jul 18 2009, 05:56 PM) *

They better be giving him Morphine.

damn right. at the very least.

am wishing well and hoping happy.
Absinthe Ben
Absolutely. Eric is a great guy and would be appreciative of any call, best friend or stranger alike.

QUOTE(synthetic buddhist @ Jul 19 2009, 02:16 AM) *

QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Jul 18 2009, 05:56 PM) *

They better be giving him Morphine.

damn right. at the very least.

am wishing well and hoping happy.

He told me Oxy, but hopefully he was able to receive some morphine. He did sound still in pain while we were talking, so I didn't want to force him to talk too long if it was painful. :(
May he heal up well, post haste.

QUOTE(Donnie Darko @ Jul 18 2009, 08:56 PM) *
I think I'll call him tomorrow, let him get some rest.

Hit and Run? Lame. Hope they nail the SOB.

Eric, I hope you feel better soon! When you're off the prescription painkillers, shoot me a pm, and well get you some more, um, traditional liquid remedies.

Heal quickly!
Jaded Prole
He wasn't doing too badly when I talked with him. I guess the oxycontin wore off a little later. I hope he recovers fully and soon.

Damned cruel world.
Donnie Darko
Talked to Eric a little while ago. He sounded OK, just weak and tired. At least the hospital has WGN on TV so he can watch the Cubs.

He's gotta be the luckiest unlucky guy I know. The compression fracture of the L1 is no walk in the park and will hurt like hell for awhile, and he'll need extensive physical therapy, but he could have been killed. On top of that, while the hit and run is terrible, TX has a law where if you incur medical expenses due to being a victim of a crime, then it's covered, so he'll probably dodge the financial bullet too. Recovery won't be easy but at least there wasn't any nerve damage or damage to the disc, which would have required surgery. I'm just relieved he wasn't more severely injured.
Good news then, thank you DD and thank you all for giving us some quick news about Eric, please carry on day after day.

I wish him all the best and really hope he'll recover as quickly as possible.

Peace to our friend.
Donnie, that indeed is great news to help offset some of the bad. I'm going to make sure I give him a call this week.

Yes, eric was miraculously lucky to be alive and not hurt much worse than he was.

Sad that bad things happen to wonderful people.

Best wishes for a swift and full recovery my friend.
While many kind people have offered gracious thoughts and wishes, there is a dissenting opinion.

IPB Image
Regarding which aspect of the situation?
Donnie Darko
I'm almost always in favor of inappropriate humor, but this is not one of those instances. I wonder what Hiram's response would be if he came within a few inches of losing his life, and we cracked mean-spirited jokes about his near demise.

I have a hunch the response wouldn't be a jovial pat on the back saying "ah yes, good one, you got me there fellas".
Even after his remark I wouldn't wish such an event upon Mr. Stone.

Jaded Prole
Me either but he does make a point of reinforcing the popular opinion that he's a piece of shit.

Pretty low to kick a man when he's down . . .
Well, not that anyone needs more reason to hate these hit and run folks but my buddy's son was hit last week, a nine year old, and he is in real bad shape.

Eric, you are a lucky man even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Stay strong and get better. I hope you'll be up and making pain-killer-induced forum posts in no time!

Cheers, man.
So sad to read Pat, 9 years old, life is a big fat bitch.

Anyone got any news of Eric today ? (no humor please).
My little cousin was hit by a 'hit and run' fucker years ago, he was 6, he died in front of his father's eyes, out of the bakery.
I still find it hard to think/talk about it.
My uncle has never been the same since, I've never seen his very nice smile on his face again since…

So believe me when I say "life is a big fat bitch". It really is somethimes.

Be well Eric.
I just saw this. I'm so sorry, Eric. I hope you recover fully and quickly. Damn! I think Eric was in another very serious accident a few years ago. Now another, this is too much! Get well!
QUOTE(Jaded Prole @ Jul 20 2009, 03:34 PM) *

Pretty low to kick a man when he's down . . .

Yeah. That was fucked up.
Just got back home. THANK YOU to everybody who called and or posted to wish me well. I really appreciate all of you guys. I will be talking to APD tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to piece together what happened. Right now I am really worn out. I will post with the whole story after I get some rest.
Jaded Prole
Glad you're home!
Take care of yourself and take it easy so you can heal up.
So glad to hear you're back home so quickly! Very good news indeed.
Hopefully you'll recovery fully and quickly.

All the best my friend.
Glad to hear they've let you out so soon. I hope the rest of your recovery goes just as fast.
Glad you're back home.

Hopefully, the PD can find the driver.
Just reading about this today. Glad you're coming along in recovering. Keep you head up.
Rest up, and good luck with the recovery.
Glad to read that you're home, Eric. On the one hand there's always some psychic relief in being home, on the other hospitals often need to turn-over beds before patients are really ready. Take it slow and easy.
Whoa, this was a rather shocking thread to find. Get well soon, Eric. Glad to know that you, given the circumstances, are reasonably OK.
Have a nice rest Eric, glad you're back home, hope the pain is not too hard to endure and that you have some good medecines.
Absinthe Ben
Eric, great to hear you are home recovering already! I apologize for yesterday, the line was busy when I called. You clearly have a lot of folk worried about you! :)
Great news, Eric! And let the recovery be even quicker LARS!.gif
Bruno Rygseck
This is just terrible. But good to hear that you got home already, Eric. Get well soon!

All the best to you, Eric. I hope you'll fully recover quickly.
Welcome back Eric! Good luck with the PD. As a motorcyclist, I have a fairly raw opinion of cagers trying to kill us. Hopefully they can piece enough of this together to find the irresponsible bastard and force some responsibility on them.
Good lord, I need to read the lower forums more often - I never really stray into the Monkey Hole, so I had no idea about all of this!

Here's to a quick recovery! I'll stop by soon with some food.
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