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Full Version: Spoon or Brouilleur?
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Mike R.
I just recieved 2 Brouilleur from KegWorks and was wondering others preferences for mixing.

Spoons or Brouilleur?

I plan on ordering a few spoons to have on hand as well for those that prefer that method. The Brouilleur looked like a nice way to dilute.

These Brouilleur are of failry thick glass, with a very small hole drilled through a flat ground bottom instead of the funnel tip I have seen on others. I thought that would avoid the potential of breaking the tip.

My only complaint, if you could call it, that is that the top edges of the glass are not polished down, this would have been a nice tactile touch for the handler.

In any case, thanks in advance for the replies.

Mike R.
I'm not inclined to use sugar these days.

I prefer the Brouille that came with my favorite glass…when you find the right one, with the right glass, you can get a perfectly louched glass every time.

It may take some trial and error before you find the right combination that works with your taste.
I haven't used sugar for years, so I have no use for spoons (ironic, I know). I always use a fountain. I find it makes a big difference to use super cold water and a slow drip. I use plenty of ice in the fountain, and water that I keep in the fridge, and just drip very slowly.
Christians against Christ! Hehehehe… Spoon…
Brouille? I have one and never use it. I only use a spoon or grille as a drip decelerator.

Keeps the drink in the glass instead of all over the table.
With a glass marble to slow down the water drip.

A spoon is much more nice but then you have to use the right carafe (dual mouth is the best) or a fontain.
I typically use a brouilleur or simply slowly louche from a small pitcher. I don't use sugar. Another heathen.

I don't even own a fountain.

I'm sorry if this seems like an authoritative post, but it's not. It's just my way, as broken as it may seem to others.
QUOTE(dakini_painter @ Jul 28 2009, 01:06 PM) *
I don't use sugar.

I think it's my heart that's broken. Not that I'm bitter. I don't require sugar either. Nor a spoon. Neither brouilleur. A fountain and deep glasses that don't splash. Slide it down the side.
broken heart….
No marbles needed here, with this Brouille. harhar.gif
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QUOTE(Tibro @ Jul 28 2009, 03:25 PM) *

I don't require sugar either. Nor a spoon. Neither brouilleur. A fountain and deep glasses that don't splash. Slide it down the side.

I'll have to try the marble trick. I have a bunch of brouilleurs that I never use.
Mike R.
QUOTE(thegreenimp @ Jul 28 2009, 07:43 PM) *

No marbles needed here, with this Brouille. harhar.gif
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Mine is a flat bottomed Brouille (with a small hole drilled through the flat ground portion), without the funnel most seem to have.

It performs with a very thin, steady stream that fills somewhat slowly, but does not take forever.

Does that sound about right?
The one you have works similar to the Herbsaint set I have, my glass and dripper is just fifty years older.
The Spanish type drippers tend to be a faster draining Brouille.

A nice fountain can be a fun gadget too.
Play around with all the different types of absinthe toys till you find what works best for you, YMMV from what the next guy may like.

I find the kitchen tap works best for me. Throw in a handful of ice, turn on the cold water, done in two seconds. All those other methods just cut into my drinking time.
I have only ever used a brouilleur once, but I soon decided that I did not like it. Part of the ritual (for me at least) is the building of tension as I try to keep my carafe steady.
Can I say both?

My use of sugar is (often) dependent on the absinthe I'm drinking. I tend to always have a bottle of Lucid on hand because it is cheap, easy to find (well, as easy as finding any real absinthe) and because it was the first real fee I've become familiar with I have developed a taste for it. I do tend to sugar it to sort of mellow it's spice, so there's the spoon (and a Britta water "fountain"). If I'm drinking DP I never use sugar, but I tend to feel that it would be redundant what with Walton Waters and MoL's natural sweetness. That's when the brouilleur comes out. If I had a nice fountain, I suppose that would be my go to, but sometimes you want to get right on to the drinking and a brouilleur is just simple and easy. (also it can make for a nice smooth spatter-free louche)
I enjoy all methods. Fountain, auto-verseur, and brouille. The only thing I don' like about the brouille is the
"trapped in the glass" developing aroma that might normally fill the room during the forming of the louche.
It is however a quick easy way to make a glass if you don't mind the minimized aroma as you add water.
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