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Full Version: Esprit Vert
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Has anyone heard of these guys? I ran across them on twitter. Is this someone we know?
Wild Bill Turkey
Worst website evah.
A stolen background, a cell-phone pic of the bottle, an empty products page, and three shit recipes for spring-break cocktails.

And a Twit page of obsessive posts which drops the phrase "grammar Nazi", which does make it sound as though they've been reading the fora.
You looked deeper than I did, Bill. Good job… I do wonder who these people are. In a moment of paranoia I wondered if it was JMF.
Employees listed on Linked In:

* K. Pearce Holland, Senior Business Manager

* Rider Barnum, Owner
They emailed me on LinkedIn a while back asking about who they should talk to regarding distribution and such.

Since I don't know a thing about that side of the biz, I referred them to some producers who have accounts in that area.

They've been reticent to solicit any feedback on their product before they go public though, which kind of worries me.
That's like movies that aren't shown to critics first. You almost always have to assume they suck.
we have created a traditional Suisse absinthe recipe with a modern touch…combines the finest qualities of traditional European absinthe with light mint, anise, and licorice flavors…Unlike absinthe flavored spirits, Esprit Vert is a true absinthe…Our commitment to the highest quality, using only natural herbs for color and flavoring along with our unique distillation methods…

Hmm. Modern. Unique distillation. Licorice.
There's nothing wrong with a little licorice. I thought FDA regulated the amount of glycyrrhizin that can be in the product, but can't find the reference right now.
Indeed!™. From 1900 on it was a likely-to-be-found in absinthe ingredient, both in the maceration and post-colouration stages.

The licorice flavours they refer to every anethole buddie flavour; they are propbably thinking that still the majority of Americans identifies anise or fennel notes as these of licorice, I do hope that misleading is over.
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