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I've had some dealings with the owner of this company recently and found it very pleasant, for reasons I won't go into. Anyone seen his website?
Glasses fountains etc.
His prices seem fair the service and selection, exceptional.
Ditto. He is just to the point, doesn't allow profiteering™ and knows his Art well. LARS!.gif
I got my first reservoir glasses from them. For some reason I recall being told that their stuff was crap and I should have shopped at LdF by all the old fuckers here. Or maybe that was all just a dream…

Regardless, I was very happy with the quality and the service, and still get sale emails from them regularly.

*edit- holy shit, the Lady fountain shipped for $144?! That's only a half a tank of gas more than I paid for my blown glass cheapo on ebay.
I can't imagine anyone would say their stuff is crap, but I won't say it didn't happen. They do commission some pieces exclusively for greendevil but for the most part he sells the glasses spoons and fountains that we are familiar with already.
I also noticed a replacement glass bowl for fountains, I don't think I've seen that before. I asked for one a couple years ago and couldn't find it.
And he's on Twitter too.

Absinthe Devil, that is, not Kirk.

Or maybe Kirk is on Twitter too ..
It is easy to confuse them with the Green Devil Absinthe Kit creeps.
Funky D
This fountain is very nice, especially for $44! Many competitors sell the same fountain, but with plastic spigots instead of stainless steel. Mine leaked a bit around one of the spigots, but it was easy to fix by taking the spigot out, messing around with the seal, and putting it back together.

Unfortunately I broke the glass lid the first night of use frusty.gif If anyone has an extra they'd be willing to spare for a small chunk of change or a few samples, let me know.
QUOTE(Alan @ Sep 3 2009, 09:25 AM) *
And he's on Twitter too.

Not good. I heard they're cutting that with baby laxatives. Or was that a de-worming medicine?
Wild Bill Turkey
My brother Alex wasn't so bad off when he was on crack. Now that he's on Twitter he's lost to us. He's up all night tweeting with people he barely knows. What's the point of telling people what you're doing if all you're doing is telling people what you're doing? My dad actually bought him some meth the other day. Alex just tweeted about it. He can't be trusted by himself anymore, we leave him with a twitter-sitter.

Be a Tweaker, not a Tweeter.
The new millennial answer to "Don't be a don't be…be a doobie!" chickawow.gif
blink.gif [For the thread].
QUOTE(eric @ Sep 3 2009, 01:53 PM) *

It is easy to confuse them with the Green Devil Absinthe Kit creeps.

That would be a mistake. I have seen no bullxit on his website and the guy is a genuinely nice person.
I can't get over the replacement glass for fountains. Is he the only person in the world that sells them, or is it just me thinking that?
And no, I've never Twitted and never read fiction.
I think Cary Renee sells replacement glass now too, but I don't know any others.
You think? What makes you say that?
Who's Cary Renee?
Did you mean to say Cary René ?
Wild Bill Turkey
I'd say that's the guy.
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