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Full Version: How Hyssop smells?
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So… I came here to post some photos and to ask about hyssopus officinalis, principally.

The most important herbs, like, Artemisia absinthium, Pimpinella anisium, Foeniculum vulgare[sweet fennel] and Melissa officinalis, is very common in my country [Brazil]. But Hyssopus officinalis and Artemisia pontica is almost impossible to find. A. pontica is, definitely, impossible; I cannot find the herb or seeds to grow. But hyssop, I found seeds to grow, the plant itself I don’t found. So… I want to know about smell and taste… How hyssop smells like? And taste?

We don’t have “Absinthe” here, only “Absinth”… I don´t know how absinthe taste… and reading Duplais and Fritsch, I decide make my own. For this work I need good plants qualities. The five plants I describe above I cultivate them all in my garden… Can I make a good quality “Absinthe” in this way?? The base alcohol will be grain… and I will try the Pontarlier recipe…

Artemisia absinthium
IPB Image

Hyssopus officinalis
IPB Image
IPB Image

Melissa officinalis
IPB Image

Dried Melissa
IPB Image

Thanks for all…

PS: sorry for my English…

Hi Seth, those are very healthy hyssop plants you have there, break some off and hold it to your nose, that's what hyssop smells like, kind of like skunk.
Hi Kirk
I'm sorry break these young plants … “skunk”, what are you talking about? I do not know what is "skunk" (I think I do not know), is about cannabis sativa?

Moreover, how long it takes for the hyssop grows?? Hyssop they have 50 days and only 8 to 10 centimeters in height…

Thanks man … until the next ….
50 days is a short time. Hyssop is perennial. If you started these from seed, I think they'll be small the first year. Also, since they are in a pot, it looks like you might have too many in one container. From the looks of it to me, you'll need bigger pots; and one for each plant.

Typically hyssop is said to grow to 2-3' tall.
Hello dakini_painter!!!
Yes, I started these plants from seed, I thought would never grow in tropical climates and therefore, I put six seeds in a pot. I'll transfer them all to a large container, but I'm hoping the plants become stronger. The container in which they are planted have 30 centimeters deep (about 11 inches deep), I think they can stay there for a few months.

Thanks for responding…
Until the next…
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