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Full Version: Journalism?
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Donnie Darko
Most of us in here I'm sure are astute enough to realize that 95% of TV "journalism" is a joke, regardless of what channel it is, but I thought the whole scare on the Potamac this morning was a particularly illuminating example of how TV news is a rank cesspool of hysteria mongering.

In case nobody noticed, CNN reported that coast guard boats were chasing another boat near the bridge Obama's motorcade drove on, and then reported that shots were fired. Of course the whole thing was a routine training exercise, no shots were fired, and there was no boat being chased, but CNN, being the ambulance chasing assholes that they are, was listening to the police scanner and heard the training exercise and thought it was real. So they created a panic by reporting it as "Breaking News" that shots were fired near where the presidential motorcade had been. They called the Coast Guard to verify it, and the Coast Guard said they didn't know, so rather than waiting to actually talk to somebody who might know, they just reported it as if it were some sort of possible attack, possibly aimed at the President.

Imagine what would have happened had they heard a radio show about Aliens attacking earth…

You misunderstand. It wasn't a mistake, it was tradition. On 9/11/01 the local news radio reported at least one car bomb exploding near the White House.
They are making the "Enquirer" look respectable. poop.gif


Green Baron
That's pretty horrible. Still, I've not seen anything that tops this modern journalism fear mongering classic.
Donnie Darko
But come on, everyone knows that Anonymous will rape and kill you (intercut with re-used video of cargo van exploding).

"They target people like David who have accounts on MySpace". viking_emoticon.gif
I liked it when two different news channels announced "a man on the loose in downtown Pittsburgh with an atomic weapon, more after the break" Later they both said "whoops, that's 'automatic'" weapon"
Donnie Darko
Yeah, they use those commercial breaks to milk the suspense and amp up the fear. "This every day item could kill you and all of your children, and it's likely lurking in your refrigerator right now. We'll tell you what it is after these messages from our sponsors".
Wild Bill Turkey
My favorite was a long time ago, when the Boston Celtics were losing a playoff series to the Lakers. I don't follow basketball, so I didn't know that's what they were talking about when they did one of those little teaser-bits between commercials.
The news anchor looked into the camera very seriously, and said "It looks like this might be ALL for Boston, details at eleven."
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Donnie Darko

Meat Wad should have been a journalist.
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