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Full Version: RIP Patrick
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I kinda liked him. Reminds me my childhood when I first saw Point Break…

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I can't wait to see your Jerry Lewis tribute when the time arrives. harhar.gif
Jerry who?

I guess I'm too young to know IPB Image

Hey, he's still doing the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon every Labor Day in the USA, so it's never too late to become one of Jerry's Kids ™. harhar.gif
Seriously, I've never liked Jerry Lewis' movies, same with Jim Carrey, they are too too much.

The thing with Patrick Swayze is that his movies remind me of some good ol' years, when I was 18-20. You can't remember that far can you Abs? tongue.gif

Is it shameful to talk about Swayze in the US? What's the problem?

The whole world is still talkin' about Jackson so I wanted to talk about Swayze. As a change.
Donnie Darko
Thanks to Red Dawn I was scared of the commies coming in and shooting up my school, but then I knew Patrick Swayze would save us. But then I saw him as Jim Cunningham in Donnie Darko and had second thoughts.

My dad was friends with his brother Don for awhile. He's a truck driver who lived in Tennessee. Looked a lot like his brother but had a huge spare tire. We asked him about Patrick once and he said the family thought he was "queer" because he liked dancing, but then he got married and the family liked him more.
Swayze was in DD? WTF? Ima have to watch that movie again, I missed all sorts of shit trying to figure out what was going on.
Green Baron
[fanboyish quote mode]
He's kinda hard to miss. I think you're in Swayze denial. Do you see this? This is an Anger Prisoner. A textbook example. Do you see the fear people? This boy is scared to death of the truth. Son, it breaks my heart to say this, but I believe you are a very troubled and confused young man. I believe you are searching for the answers in all the wrong places…
[/fanboyish quote mode]
Donnie Darko
I really liked my response when he said that.

Kitty Farmer didn't though.
Patrick Swayze's wife Lisa grew up in my neighborhood,………. so one evening a few years ago, I was a local cafeteria with my Mom, (People who know the area know what place I'm talking about) and standing a few people in font of us in line was Patrick Swayze, his wife, and brother, and another couple of people.

A number of people were pointing and talking, saying isn't that the actor, yadda yadda…..My elderly Mom looked at him, then asked me who is that? So I told her who he was, etc.

She than said loud enough for him to hear, "Hmmph", "He looks pretty short to me, for being in the movies"……..Swayze looked pretty amused at my Mom's comment, but didn't say anything…….I guess now he can discuss that comment on the other side with my Late Mom who was actually shorter than Patrick Swazye.

RIP to them both.
Donnie Darko
Funny story. You should see how short Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino and Tom Cruise are. Swayze is probably like Kareem Abdul Jabar next to any of them.
Strangely though his brother Don is at least 6'2".

In any case, pancreatic cancer is horrible, even among other cancers. At least he knew he had a very limited amount of time and did his best to make the most of it.
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