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Full Version: The Drums
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This is a great band, with Cure like tendencies and Beach Boys melodies…
This is the best American band to break out in a while. Their London debut. You heard it here first, folks!…player_embedded
Thanks Pat. These guys sound good. I like it. I'm gonna have to check them out. I did think in the first vid that he was saying, "Obama, I wanna go surfing." Funny.

gun thug.gif
It's like the B52s recorded a surfing song.

I was on Youtube recently to find "Black Betty" by Ram Jam. Found it, along with versions by Spider Bait and Tom Jones. They are all excellent in their own way. I like the way Tom mugs into the camera like a demented weasel. For Spider Bait, the car (35 Ford Cabriolet I think) is the killer touch to the video.
Yeah, I like that they have a lot of fun being miserable like The Smiths or The Cure did. The 60's throwback surf music stuff is fun too.

I just feel like it's about time some cool, young band came along that wasn't exactly like everybody else, even if they do have a "the" name.

They only have an EP now, but the whole thing is good. It's cheap too. I am bugging a promoter to get them to Phili before it's too late to see them play in a bar.
The new video. It's a great song, and the video is well… the hook is undeniable anyway.…player_embedded
It's like a mix between the La's and the Ocean Blue.

I like it.
Green Baron
Wow, I totally missed this.

I got the EP a while back and listened to it quite a bit. It's definitely sappy and cheesy, but there's some really cool stuff going on; I love their overall sound.

Favorite from the EP include "Submarine" and the super sappy "I'll Never Drop My Sword".

I've gotta say though I like the vocals on the album better than what I've heard on live recordings.
I haven't heard the "I'll Never Drop My Sword" number. They just need to put out a proper album. "Submarine" is definitely my favorite as well. And "Best Friend," but right now you can only hear that live.

They are playing this Wednesday at Bowery Ballroom for anyone in NYC. I would go if I could. (I think there are still tix.)

I will be in NYC next weekend to see Julian Casablancas if anyone wants to grab an absinthe!
The album is coming… (Finally!)…ut-album-deets/

Also, they will be playing at a record store in Manhattan this Saturday! (Other Music, I think.)

(This new single unavailable until album drops in June, 7th.)

A taste……feature=related
Their album is out!

Green Baron
Good deal. I see many of their tracks were on the Summertime! EP, so now I'm curious if they will be different versions. Either way, nice to see them release a full album at last.
They are the exact same versions, as far as I can tell, maybe a little more polished but no surprises.

As a whole the album really works. I can't wait to see them in NYC or Philadelphia.
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