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Full Version: Bloody iTunes! Is there an alternative?
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Bloody iTunes and Apple. My iTunes software stopped working (iTunes has encountered an error and needs to close… etc.). It won't load. The problem is , I think, with Quicktime since it won't load on its own either (Quicktime has encountered an error…. etc.). I did all the usual, uninstalling all Apple, Quicktime and iTunes stuff, downloading recent version, installing again etc. I even cleared out the register of any Apple entries. But no use, the same problem occurs.

After several attempts at this I phoned Apple, and guess what they talked me through doing? Exactly the same again. So I went through it with them and still iTunes wouldn't load. All they could say was that they weren't aware of any problem with iTunes suggested I "get my computer checked"! There's nothing bloody wrong with my computer as everything else on it is running just fine. I asked her if I should just throw my iPod in the bin since its useless without iTunes.

Does anyone know if there is any alternative software available that I could use with my iPod Nano rather than iTunes? Or has anyone got any other suggestions as to how I could get iTunes running again on my PC.

Many thanks
I have a friend who put a form of Linux on his ipod. He uses his ipod to play music and movies. Google would probably teach you how to put your own OS on your ipod.

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing of the risks involved, other then I'm quite sure Apple doesn't approve of doing it and any warranties you have would get voided.
While we're on the subject, is there a way of obtaining non compressed music files for my Ipod?
The music on Ipod sounds like total crap after I load it into my Itunes. Compact discs were bad enough, cold and sterile but this is awful.
One thing you can do Kirk, is highlight all the songs in your itunes, right click, then choose "Get info." It's the first thing on list. Go to "Options" and put the volume control all the way to 100. It makes it sound better. It will also keep things on your iPod from going from loud to quiet and back again.

That's all I got…
Bloody iTunes! Is there an alternative?

IPB Image
That sounds good.
Where do I find "options" in Itunes?
Kirk, I'm not sure if there is a noticeable difference in the quality, but new downloads are at 256 kbps AAC encoding as opposed to the previous 128 kbps. That won't help for current music you already have, but it might help for future purchases.
I'm ignorant when it comes to this stuff.
Does that mean I would benefit from loading all my own discs again or does that just apply to anything I download from the store?
I recall when I loaded my stuff it gave me an option, something like "compress or don't compress" I didn't compress but it all sounds like it's compressed crap.
For volume control. Highlight your songs, right click, choose "GET INFO," then in that "OPTIONS" is the last thing on the right. There you will see volume control.
QUOTE(Kirk @ Oct 9 2009, 10:57 AM) *

Does that mean I would benefit from loading all my own discs again or does that just apply to anything I download from the store?

Unfortunately it won't make a difference with music you loaded into your computer from discs. It will only help with anything you download from iTunes.

There may be a better program for loading cds onto your computer that will bring over more of the natural sound, but I don't know enough about that to be helpful.

You might also want to try tweaking the playback options in iTunes. If you go to Edit > Preferences, then click on the Playback tab, there is a Sound Enhancer slider that you might want to play with to see if that makes anything better.

Another thing you might want to check is how iTunes formatted the music when you uploaded it. Go to Edit > Preferences, then under the General tab (first tab you'll see), there is a section for 'When you insert a CD'. On the left hand of that, there is an 'Import Settings' button that you can push to select the type of encoding. I believe the 'Lossless' option gives the best sound quality (anyone who might know more about this, correct me if I'm wrong), but keep in mind it will use much more disk space. If it ends up a lot better, then you might want to go back and reload all the music with the new encoding format. Big pain in the ass, but will give you more listening pleasure.

I won't even ask about speakers and headphones, as I'm sure you're using good ones.
I'm using Klipsch RB81 and a pair of old Hafler DH200 amplifiers and an old Hafler pre amp, not the best but tube amps make me work too much.
Thanks for the advice, you too Pat! I'll try all those things but I think I like vinyl.
Kirk's regular music system is an analog treasure (several treasures in fact) that cost thousands when new in it's heyday. No wonder he finds digital all flat and lifeless. abs-cheers.gif
It was the xit when I was a kid, you can pick up old Hafler stuff dirt cheap on eBay, well worth the money, unless you're a tube freak.
OK, I've downloaded a program called 'Mediamonkey'. It seems to be working just fine with my iPod, with no problems at all. At least I can use my iPod again. Apple can shove their iTunes software along with their suggestion that I "get my computer checked" where the sun doesn't shine. And to think that I was going to go and shell out over £500 for an iPhone- Fuck that!
If you're ripping music from your own CDs you can choose "Apple lossless" format. The resulting files are quite large but they are CD-quality.

I love iTunes and my iPhone by the way (but I hate AT&T).
Thanks Spoon, I didn't know that, I shoulda known when they sounded so bad.
I checked, unbelievably, I loaded all my CD's compressed, crap, now I have to go back and load them all again, it took me 2 weeks, the volume was down too, at least that was an easy fix.
I second the Media Monkey, very good and cheap too. Also Apple Lossless, other than FLAC (which you can't use), it's the way to go.
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