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Full Version: Absinthe Ordinaire Liqueur
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I saw a bottle at the local liquor store while making a delivery. Said contains FD&C blue and yellow. 46% ABV. At $27 I almost bought it just to be the first on my block with a bottle, but then decided to let someone else take the plunge.
Same outfit that brought us "Absente."
Worst dressed list.
Haven't these peckers realized that the Absinthe trend in America is over and it's just not cool anymore?

This is the new cool and it really kills people LARS!.gif

and absinthe is being discussed there as well
from the last link:

As I said in my post directly above yours, the 'PERNOD' branded Absinthe that is available today is 100% true to the original recipe and content that started the whole absinthe ball rolling.

Not one of the earlier (Pre-Ban Era) absinthes had more than an 8% increase of chop.gif of what is available today & there were only two brands that claimed this, both brands were a cheap and nasty 'rip-off' of the better, more popular absinthes of the time.

As I mentined above, I have had many absinthes over a great many years both legal, illegal & most certainly paid theorugh the nose for original pre-ban era un-opened bottles of variuos brands.

The highest content of chop.gif being in a bottle from Prague (named above) which was more like listerine than absinthe, it doesn't even 'Louche' and the addition of the massive amount of thjone did nothing to improve any buzz at all.
Whoever designed that Ordinaire lable needs to be taken 'round back and shot.

In typography, kerning—less commonly, mortising — is the process of adjusting letter spacing in a proportional font. In a well-kerned font, the two-dimensional blank spaces between each pair of letters all have similar area.
QUOTE(kaseijin @ Oct 10 2009, 06:30 AM) *

that Ordinaire needs to be taken 'round back and shot.

That's a little harsh, I like O.

Seriously, though, that label is way over the top, and not in a good way.
That's a relatively nice bottle underneath though.
Does that look like a cork on top? I think it does.
Wild Bill Turkey
Looks like a T-cork.
It's the Roquette bottle. viking_emoticon.gif
You mean the aging process isn't working for the Roquette and it's being re-branded?
But the strength could be left intact.
QUOTE(Oxygenee @ Oct 13 2009, 02:07 PM) *

It's the Roquette bottle. viking_emoticon.gif

Oxy your choice was so great that they want it wink.gif
Ah, my instincts were correct! Good thing I skipped having a glass at Double Crown last night.
Green Baron
Rimbo! May ever you avoid at the poop.gif at the bar just as deftly as you avoid it on the sidewalk.
No one dare xit on the path of Rimbaud.
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