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Full Version: The Great Escape (1963)
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I just noticed, first time ever watching this movie, anyway noticed 3 german guards were drinking it in a scene at the about 2 hour 30 min mark. Right before they get shot down. What a way to go. It was absinthe in 3 glasses with a thing of water served separate , then they go away from shot but when they go back the glasses clearly have louched absinthe in them. abs-cheers.gif
Thanks, never noticed that.
Wild Bill Turkey
I remember seeing that scene a couple of years ago. They order Pernod, and of course since this is Paris, not Spain, in the 1940s, it means they're drinking pastis. Still, it adds a nice atmospheric detail…
Exactly what I was thinking, Bill.

Although those were German guards in 1940 Paris, so they might have been treated to some under the table good stuff. Or the waiter might've pissed in it, it was a crap shoot.
I just remembered
we talked about this scene years ago
we've forgotten more than we'll ever know
rent seeking bastards
I saw a mention of absinthe on the Comedy Channel the other night.
A show called "my secret girlfriend"
A says to be:
"go to the store and get some wine coolers for the party"
Yuck, wine coolers?
Hey that stuff is as good as absinthe!"
Is someone selling louched doses in bottles? In the cooler section?

Boxed absinthe on the supermarket shelves?

There must be a market.
There is a 3 part special about the prohibition era on PBS, in part one about half way through there is a live scene of the absinthe bar in New Orleans showing a bartender preparing two glasses of absinthe, it's a beautiful image of one of the fountains and the bar interior.
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