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Full Version: Debunking overpopulation
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Submitted without further comment:

Debunking Overpopulation in 5 Minutes

Have at it!

---Tish looking-up.gif
Let's zoom in here.
It's a real nice place to visit, however…
Basically what I'm trying to say is,
it's all in the bible.

Except for the Jeff Gordon Energy Drink.

F everthing else.
Yeah, let's put everyone in the desert land of Texas,
fuck it, the rest of the third worlds ought to be used to that xit by now, right?
The county took my water from me, now they charge me a rate that used to be rent on this hell hole, and tell me I own it
Bunch of fucking rent seeking red necks. Third world my ass, guess what
this is it, 'cept we're first
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