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Full Version: How many clicks
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reminds me of holding the economy hostage
but it only takes a minute.
How many clicks do you suppose he got by pimping his kid.
And all he payed him was. . .
It does not matter what you say,
just the paycheck,
who'll mis one little slice
of everyone?
How… anti-climactic.

I liked it a lot better when I thought he'd floated away and disappeared.
But then, that may be my inner misanthropic bastard talking.
I think it's a stunt, grate way to raise a kid.
It's gotta be, or why else would he say on CNN (to his father) "You said we did it for a show", or something very close to that? Why is the poor kid puking on live TV at every mention of this incident? This is just a sad fucking commentary on some adults, really.
It's one little slice times a hundred million, who'll mis it, it's all the rage these days, look at the contracting sucking politicians, they all get our share for us.
Local sheriff came out and admitted on camera today that it is now being treated as a hoax, and the adults will face prosecution.

Good, says I.
Once again, popular media trumps the presumption of innocence.

Why do we waste time with trials anymore?
That story gets national attention while ones like this get ignored.

The D.C. middle school student shot and killed Tuesday afternoon at a Northeast Washington housing complex was an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of two rival groups fighting over stolen guns, police and law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

Not that the media would value the lives of white kids over black ones, would they?
Isn't there a thread somewhere about collateral damage in terms of human lives? Otherwise it's just criminals killing criminals. A few innocents here and there aren't to be worried about.

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