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Full Version: Who pulled the teeth?
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When I was a kid there was a little law that enforced truth in advertising, back then it was illegal to make a label that was false or mis leading. Today it has run rampant.
My question is, who was the first president to pull the teeth from this very important law and how do we get it back.
I'm tired of buying all natural peanut butter that is loaded with palm oil. We are over run by offers for solid gold coins layered by the us Mint, they are not solid and they are not made by the U.S. Mint. Seriously, I don't really buy that stuff ('cept when they fool me) but it is very confusing and shows criminal intent.
It was also illegal to charge more than 21% interest on a loan back then, anything more than that, including fees was called usury and prosecuted as a felony.
Agreed. My personal favorite* advertising ruse is the following:

IPB Image

*by which I mean "most hated".
Bill Hicks on Marketing
We're a fucking pathetic bunch when we need to legislate truth. Somebody euthanize all the liars. Honestly.
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