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Full Version: Belle Amie
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Has anyone tried the second edition of Belle Amie?
Green Baron
QUOTE(oglala56 @ Oct 26 2009, 10:04 PM) *

Has anyone tried the second edition of Belle Amie?

What is your opinion?
Green Baron
It's pretty good; I didn't taste the first one so I don't know how it compares.

Judging from other folks' reviews though, the louche is much improved, but the flavor is not as vibrant. From what I hear it was released a bit early, and that makes sense because it really had to breathe.

At first it had a funky/moldy/soapy smell that seemed to be a combo of the grape base and super concentrated coriander. I could definitely tell the similarities in the base ingredients to Vieux Pontarlier, and assume both are based on a new standard Emile Pernot recipe/protocol.

After several months breathing though, it lost the mold-funk (unlike VP) and opened up very nicely with that big flowery coriander. I got to try side by side with another Nimes recipe and though it was close, I think I actually might prefer the BA2 after proper aging.

And I also think the front and back label design is super classy.

Donnie Darko
Mold funk in Vieux Pontarlier? I don't taste or smell anything remotely like that in there. When I got my first bottle I noticed some toasty tinges that I first associated with tails, but that aged out pretty quickly and I'm thinking it was probably Coriander. For some reason my nose is easily tricked by that ingredient. Maybe that isn't even in the VP, I don't know, but I notice nothing wrong with it now. In fact I think the VP has the most bloomy and pleasant aroma of any absinthe in its price range.
My BA2 was so soapy at first that I couldn't drink it. (taste, not smell) Several months later I tried it again, and it had pretty much cleared up. What I have left is one of my favorite absinthe's ever.
At the time of release, I was disapointed by the very soapy smell/flavor.

Today I digged through the box of old bottles I usually don't care about to see how it had improved.

It is now excellent enough to have a second glass. I still can taste the soapy character but age really helped to mellow it into an interesting and perfumed drink.

I'm sorry I used about a third of my bottle when it was released to mix 50/50% with my remaining BA1. I also tasted the resulting aged mix and it is not as good as the aged BA2.

I now have only about 200ml left of the BA2. These will be a few very enjoyable glass of absinthe.


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