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Full Version: Pouring over froggy pre-ban minutia...
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I've added a page to my website which may be of interest to hausgemachte enthusiasts, and those generally interested in absinthe distillation recipes:

The Fritsch is an authorative and scholarly work, almost on a par with Duplais, while the de Brevans book is particularly interesting for the annotated absinthe still diagram.

I'll eventually like to replace the cumbersome text scans with Adobe PDF versions of both the French texts and an English translation. Anyone who feels the urge to provide me with a full English translation of either of these texts (or even to just transcribe or OCR them into a French wordprocessor), would receive not only my gratitude, but a small gift as well...
Sponge Bob

Thank you Oxygenee!

I'm glad I get to use my 100th post here to tell you thanks.

I plan to run this all through Google's translation, it kind of sucks but you are welcome to the results if you want them.

Personally I'm hoping Artemis will work his magic yet again.
Sponge Bob
BTW, this is the first recipe I've seen that uses caraway.

Did I say how awesome this is.

worshippy.gif worshippy.gif worshippy.gif LARS!.gif worshippy.gif worshippy.gif worshippy.gif
Yeah, really awesome stuff! Have to learn some more french, though. Thanks! hyper.gif absintheglass2.gif
extremely interesting and very kind to share!

eau vulnéraire suisse = la bleue? hmmmm....
"Anyone who feels the urge to provide me with a full English translation of either of these texts"

Send me an email; let's talk about it.
I'd be willing to try a translation of one or the other - preferably Brevans, as it looks a little easier. Artemis, want to split them?

Anyway, my email should be available. Let me know.
I love the caraway seed addition...a kummel/absinthe hybrid...very beguiling!!! w00t1.gif
Interesting. Thanks oxy, If anyone wants to share a translation. Email me, otherwise I can take care of it myself.
Donnie Darko
I'll see if my girlfriend can translate it too, as she knows French pretty well. Unfortunately, since this document is 19th century French, and fairly technical, it may not be so simple.

The American Edition of DeBrevans appears to be the equivalent of a Reader's Digest condensed book version of the original French. No lovely still diagram in my copy...

Thanks for putting that up though, Oxy, it's very enlightening. chickawow.gif
Donnie Darko
Anybody know what "resin de gaïac" is? Never seen that word before. From what I can glean it's similar to licorice?
I went through and did a rough translation of the first pages of the brevans book, its not great, but it's something, here it is:

Chapter 1
The Non Sweetened Liquors
1-Absinthe by distillation

The absinthe prepares itself following a big number of takings that all have for base the following plants: the big absinthe, the small absinthe, the anise, the fennel and the hyssop.
Usually one mixes these different plants to distill them; but a number of manufacturers prefer to treat to leaves the absinthe, the anise and the fennel to mix next the perfumed spirits in the desired proportions
The first matters are placed in heated stills to the vapor, such as those constructed by Deroy son elder, for this usage, with the desired quantity of alcohol and the half of the water volume necessary for the distillation; one leaves to marinate the plants 12 or 24 hours or very a long time; one adds the remainder of water and one proceeds to the distillation.
This operation must be driven slowly to avoid the fire blows that would harm the quality of the product. One stops this operation when the distillate marks 60 to the first throw: one avoids thus the rectification.
The head products and of tail are collected to leaves and serve to the manufacture of the ordinary absinthe; alone the products heart are used to prepare the fine absinthe. The liquid laiteux that distills to the end is added to the new macerations.
The perfumed spirit of absinthe is colorless. To color it, one there does to marinate a mixture of small absinthe and of hyssop: to this effect one uses a colorator, special device heated by a water circulation of hot vapor; this operation lasts 12 hours. The absinthe is begun aging in lighting. Then one reduces it to the desired degree before to deliver it to the consumer.

Ordinary absinthe
measures for 10 liters to 60
Big absinthe…………..500gr
Roots of angelic.…..….40gr
Green anise……...……300gr
Alcohol………………Q. S.

One does to infuse the mixture for 24 hours in the cucurbite; one distills slowly with precaution. The obtained spirit is colored with:
Small absinthe…….60gr
Hyssop ……………60gr
Mélisse ……………80gr
Menthe peppered….80gr
Réglisse in powder…3gr

I dont know if I'll continue with this or not, due to the shoddy translation.
>One does to infuse the mixture for 24 hours in the cucurbite; one distills slowly with precaution.

23 hours, one does not, 25 hours is right out...
My assumption is that Resin de Gaiac is an additive used to enhance the absinthe's louche. In all cases, it's definitely not used for its flavor.

Here's a quick translation.

"Resin of guaiacum, also called "white extract" in distiller's terminology, is generally employed for the blanching (that is, in order to enhance the louche?) of absinthes ordinaires, at the ratio of two liters of extract for 1000 liters.

Here is how to prepare the extract of guaiacum: grind the guaiacum in a bronze mortar, and then put it in a hard ceramic pot. Pour 2 liters of 95% alcohol on top of it and then leave it to macerate for 15 days, stirring it from time to time with a spatula in order to encourage it to dissolve completely. The resin dissolves at a ratio of 100 grams per liter of 95% alcohol. The extract of guaiacum must be used in sober measure, because if on the one hand it has the advantage of making the absinthe louche with the addition of water at the moment of consumption, it also has the inconvenience of giving the absinthe characteristic bitterness which produces a dryness at the back of the throat, and which is easily recognized by absinthe drinkers. Its use must therefore be limited to common low proof absinthes which do not allow a large accumulation of essences."

On the plant itself: It doesn't seem to be terribly bad for you, but is a laxative and diuretic.
Great information on your website Oxygenee.
grey boy
QUOTE (pierreverte @ Jan 26 2004, 08:22 PM)

23 hours, one does not, 25 hours is right out...

one shall not do 23 unless thou then procedeth to 24........
grey boy
Oh yea,

thanks for the great info Oxygenee!
Many thanks to all those who offered both publically and privately to assist with the transcription and translation of the two books.

Fortunately however, Artemis, who set the gold standard for this type of work with his translations of the Pernod and Bedel texts, has volunteered to tackle these as well.

I've no doubt the results will be as expert and as authorative as his previous translations. I'll post a link here when the work is completed, and the texts are available for download.
Thank you in advance Artemis!

Can't wait to get my alembics and stills and whatnot going! chickawow.gif
Can't wait for that tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping on your own front door.

Quoth the DEA..."Nevermore"

Cuff him, Danno! LARS!.gif
I'm delighted to say that after a Herculean effort on Artemis' part, the English translation of the Fritsch text has been completed in far less time than initially anticipated.

Its available for download in Adobe PDF format on my website, at:

Please send $100 in unmarked bills to either Artemis or myself, if you would like the secret codes to convert these recipes into NEW 3RD GENERATION HIGH chop.gif ABSINTHE.
Good work gentlemen! If you send me the addresses, I'm all over the chop.gif recipe offer.
leeches.gif biggrin.gif

is there a picture of a very special device for treating liquors, somewhere at the end of the absinthe section of the Fritsch book?
Thanks oxy and artemis!
Just a note to say that the English translation of the de Brevans book (together with a French transcription) is now online on my website in PDF format:

Once again my grateful thanks to Sponge Bob who provided the original French transcription, and to Artemis for another masterful translation.

I hadn't fully appreciated until I worked closely with him over the last few weeks, the unbelievable care and effort that goes into literally every word of Artemis's translations. Every nuance of meaning is considered and if necessary researched by him, so that the final translation is both intelligible and clear in English, but still remarkably faithful to the French original. It's painstakingly meticulous work by a true expert, and I really can't imagine it being done better. Thank you again Artemis!
Thank you both for all the work you put into these translations, they are truely excellent. I'm printing them out right now and will be pouring over them for quite a while. hyper.gif
Nice work!

gun thug.gif
Thank you guys!

Here's to the hard work of those who made it happen. These are for you guys!!

absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif absintheglass-glow2.gif
Thank you.

Oxy is overly effusive in his praise and not taking enough credit for his own contribution - he's a tough editor and doesn't hesitate to mark up my copy freely. His French is better than mine and he questions everything that doesn't fit just right (as I do, but sometimes I get lazy and let something slide - it's good that he makes me work harder). I find us to be a good team and I'm more than happy I hooked up with him.

Thanks again to Bob for taking some of the load off my shoulders as well. He types pretty good in Frog for a guy on this side of the Pecos.
Great work guys! I'll print it off as soon as I get to work.
One thing I noticed though, is this a typo?:

Grand wormwood. ........... ............ 500 gr.
Fennel.................. ........... ............ 300 gr.
Angelica root........ ........... ............ 0 gr.
Green anise .......... ........... ............ 300 gr.
Alcohol ................ ........... ............ A.R

Just seemed odd to mention an ingredient that wasn't to be used.
QUOTE (Hiram @ Feb 25 2004, 05:30 PM)
One thing I noticed though, is this a typo?:

Angelica root........ ........... ............ 0 gr.

Thanks Hiram - I accidentally introduced this typo when converting to PDF. I've corrected it, and a few other minor formatting issues, and uploaded a new version of the file.
Eeeeexcellent! I go print now!

Having, for various reasons, waaaaay too much free time on my hands at the moment, I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday at the local university's medical library, browsing through early issues of the Lancet, and other 19th century scientific journals. There are a number of worthwhile things in the Lancet, including the only English language paper on absinthism by Dr Valentin Magnan, and several very skeptical notes on his researches, indicating that, even at the time, the science behind the demonization of absinthe was regarded as dubious, at least in Britain. There's also a later, scientifically worthless but widely quoted 1930 article on the consumption of absinthe in England.

I photographed the most interesting articles, then OCR'd them and converted to PDF. You can download the file from:
(look about a third of the way down the page, just above the first illustration)
Thumbs up for your work, Oxy.

We should all spend our free time so productively. Yet another sterling addiotion to you nonpareil site!
Donnie Darko
Much thanks, Artemis, Spongbob and Oxy. I did a cursory translation on my own that left much to be desired in terms of context and implication, and your translation sheds much light on parts I didn't comprehend!
I think you mean "DECEIVER". It's a decent flick. At least they got the absinthe scene right (although he pours the water right drip. WTF!!!).

I just finished watching that flick about an hour ago, and I must've been out of the room, during the one absinthe scene.

It's just turning into one of those days. frusty.gif
Please have some respect for the topic. This thread is not about improperly-spelled titles of movies that have been discussed to death here, and are 99% BULLSHIT about absinthe anyway.
Yes, it's not as though we were discussing "Total Eclipse". harhar.gif
QUOTE (Absomphe @ Apr 9 2004, 04:13 PM)
Yes, it's not as though we were discussing "Total Eclipse". harhar.gif

Which, although decent, would've been a much better film if it had starred River Phoenix as Rimbaud (which was to have been the case had he not died)...
Yes, it's not as though we were discussing "Total Eclipse".

ANY movie is off topic here. I have a tediously slow dial-up connection. There's a new reference work pending. If I wait five minutes to have a topic revealed, to read about said reference, and I see a post about a movie, and an ignorant post at that, I don't appreciate it, I don't appreciate it when it's encouraged, and I damn sure don't appreciate you being sarcastic about it. You want to discuss that stupid movie, start a thread about it, or take it to your playground.
"ANY movie is off topic here. I have a tediously slow dial-up connection. There's a new reference work pending. If I wait five minutes to have a topic revealed, to read about said reference, and I see a post about a movie, and an ignorant post at that, I don't appreciate it, I don't appreciate it when it's encouraged, and I damn sure don't appreciate you being sarcastic about it. You want to discuss that stupid movie, start a thread about it, or take it to your playground"

O.K. You gain some ground, you lose some ground...

Apparently, I was a tad premature when I said you had a sense of's O.K. for you to be as sarcastic as you damned please, when it suits you, but I make a one line post, in absolute good humor, not attempting to negate your point, and you DAMNED sure jump all over my arse...

I wasn't DISCUSSING a damned don't like a little flippant remark, now and then...guess what , Dude, the world, even in here, doesn't revolve around YOU!

You have a tediously slow dial up...guess what....I have Broadband! Would you like me to throw you a pity party?

I posted one damned casual with it, or don't...I really don't give a crap!!!!
It's not about ME. Everything I said would apply to ANYBODY who had a dialup connection and an interest in the topic, asshole. Take your broadband and shove it up your ass.
IT was a one line post, didn't take up that much time or can can be one tiresome human being, as I'm sure you're well aware of!
I love how you always turn every argument around with, "it's not about's not personal, didn't you read my sig...give me a friggin break, with your semantic arguments, which you always have to win, because this will ALWAYS be YOUR playground...

Maybe it's time you GREW UP, and somebody called you on it!
And connections aside, it's a simple matter of being courteous enough to follow the rules in this forum. There is room for bullshit, even for your inane Nostril bullshit, which has disgusted so many people here that the admins took several special measures to keep people from leaving in disgust, some of which you know about and some of which you don't. Then there are serious threads for serious subjects. Newbies aren't going to pollute them with misspelled inanity, and you are not going to one-up me in them. And if you think I don't have a say about that, just hide and watch.
because this will ALWAYS be YOUR playground...


Maybe it's time you GREW UP, and somebody called you on it!

That somebody will not be you, lardass.
you can can be one tiresome human being

That came out of YOUR mouth? Mr. every thread, every day, has to have "Absomphe" as the most recent poster, and the vast majority of them chitchat nonsense?

I had a personal report from someone who met you in a group recently and said they wanted nothing so much as to slap the dogshit out of you to shut you up.
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