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Full Version: What kind of poster are you?
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From another forum (that I don't frequent) via a reference in the NYTimes "funnies" blog. (Perhaps blog should be in quotes and funnies left unquoted.) Simply replace forum CT with FV (or other favorite forum) and it'll make sense, right?

btw I'm a poster of a poseur in a red dress holding an absinthe glass and bottle in an Art Nouveau pose.…-on-commenters/

Some folks may find this post amusing.
I'm the guy in the funny hat.

IPB Image
Can I be Admiral Akbar saying something about traps? Or tarps? Or carps? Caps….Naps….
An oldie-but-goodie on the 89-or-so types of internet posters …
That's really funny.

Nice ruff Prov.
I'm rough-and tumble. Go with the flow, with my own sense of individuality.

A rugged man, equipped with modern sensibilities, central locking, power steering and a sense of debonaire, devil-may-care attitude to the modern establishment of the day/forum. I am the everyman, and I am the no man.

I also greatly enjoy the comprehension of words and the joy of listening to sound, especially musical sound. And most importantly, I'm pretentious enough to talk of myself in the 3rd person thusly lol w00t2.gif

- dubious.
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