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Hello to you all,

I'm new, so please forgive early transgressions (if they should happen…) I hope to contribute to the forums here; the frequency of which I can't tell at this time. I am currently organizing to import absinthe into my country, but my country has very strict laws concerning absinthe. But when the dust finally settles, I will be sure to regale you all with several reviews, in addition to what I needed to do to procure said absinthe (if it is agreeable/allowed on these boards).

I am currently studying a 4-year education degree at university, working a part-time job as a little bit on the side. My experience with absinthe is lacking; I've only had the pleasure 3 times. Twice I had Czech absinthe, which was hardly an experience at all. We lit the sugar like the naive children we were. The third time, though, was quite interesting. It has made me want to try different types of absinthe, but I want to try importing them personally and not go through an expensive alternative.

I'll try to keep the verbosity to a bare minimum, but I just wanted to internet wave at you all, before pouring over the reviews and pearls of wisdom hidden in these forums. Until I have something substantial to share with you all, have a nice day.

- dubious.
Welcome. Where are you located?
Welcome. Same question.

And ditto.
What they said!
Aww, can't I be mysterious? Very well. I live in Australia, home of some of the most…stringent absinthe laws in the known world. I look forward to getting to know you all better in time. Bye for now,

- dubious.
If you're in Australia, why go to all the hassle and uncertainty of trying to import personally when AbsintheSalon does it all for you? Lots of choice AND they now have their own small absinthe bar in Sydney.
Ah, well, with regards to that, I will not deny that absinthesalon offers quite a few absinthes…but they do not offer anything I wish to try at present. I am very aware of what is needed in order for me to get my absinthe legally, but it will take time. Then again, if it goes according to plan, you never know…the whole of Australia might be able to get a few different types of absinthe wink.gif

I read an excerpt from one of the part owners on a blog & it rang true; basically, the piece said that the salon was gradually expanding its range, one bottle at a time. Without going into vast detail, there is a very good reason for that :)

Anyway, if I'm simply dying to get a bottle, I will most certainly go to absinthesalon. To be very honest, I'm actually very keen to try some of the vials from RueVerte (can't really go wrong at that price…except at Customs hohoho). Peace,

- dubious.
Jaded Prole
I see they carry the Vieux Pontarlier. You won't get much better than that for all your trouble.
Indeed. Most of what they show on the site is quite good, and you never did say what the one good Absinthe you've tried actually was.
Hullo again,

OCvertDe, I tried Belle Amie once (not the second edition now available) with a friend; twas very niiiiiiice lol. And to Jaded Prole, on your recommendation I got a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier. It's true; my experience is lacking, so I thought I might as well get some street cred under my belt. $175 is a bit expensive to purchase said cred, but one does what one must.

When I get the bottle, I'll submit a review; but I will also put a video up on YouTube, so that others can judge some of the other factors (louche, etc.). Please look forward to it. Bye for now,

- dubious.
What is GST? I didn't see a GST in the list at which is usually my go-to stop for this stuff. I assumed it was Australian dollars, but if it is than those prices are damn high. Regardless, they have the goods.

The Jade NO is also at least as good as the Belle Amie, better than the VP if not by much. Also worth looking at are the Blanche de Fougerolles, Brevans, Duplais Verte, and Clandestine, not necessarily in that order.

Hullo OC,

GST is the Australian "Goods & Services Tax"; ostensibly a tax that was meant to amalgamate the existing taxes together to make it more manageable (but has instead proven to be yet another tax upon the taxes it sought to amalgamate…).

It's not drastically high, and I've done my research. I just thought it would be best to actually get a bottle and write a review here & be accepted into the big ol' group of absinthe junkies :)

I was really hanging out to try several at once, which is what RueVerte offers, but even though they say they export to Australia, I doubt they fully grasp the conditions (or rather, they haven't been fully told what is considered above-board by our government). Trust me, it's not easy.

Jade would be exquisite, but absinthesalon do not list it; either due to Australia's limit of…hmmm, better not go into copious details here in the greetings thread ^_^

Anyway, I thank you for your generous adive; I will call upon it in the future, I'm sure :) Toodles,

- dubious.
Wow, they show me Jade but not you? Dirty bastards.

So, what is $175 in USD then? Because in USD a bottle of VP costs me about $75, the Jades are $110.
Hello again OC,

Well, the absinthesalon currently stocks the Nouvelle Orlèans; but I thought I'd go with the advice of Mr. Jaded. As far as currency exchange goes, the Australian dollar is, surprisingly, punching above its weight. Then again, it's not about the money. Money is just a thing we need to accumulate in order to experience pleasures like this, no? hohoho

I'd like to try several, but I'm not in Sydney. That's why I initially thought of RueVerte…then again, I hope to sample several different varieties. But, street cred is essential, so I'm going to wet my feet here with Vieux Pontarlier. I'll be sure to post the YouTube video here (if allowable) here for everybody :)

- dubious.
VP is indeed setting the bar high to cut your teeth in,
knowing you like the Belle Amie I think you will agree when you get it.

That is some pricey list though. Granted, if I had to pay that much to get what I crave, I'd pay it as well, but for the money I'd be pretty selective about what I blow my wallet on. Having clarified that, I'd trim my list of suggestions (in addition to the VP of course!) down to the Jade and Clandestine as worth the price of entry, and ignore the rest until economics become more realistic.

The Australian dollar is currently at about $.92 to the American dollar. So that's some serious kale! Relatively speaking, the Jade is almost a bargain, because it's not that much more exorbitant than the others.

(Including shipping, I have paid almost that much for absinthe, back in the bad old days.)
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