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Full Version: Not actually absinthe, but relics of Paris for sale
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And you too can own a piece of history……le-1839312.html
I remember those old pissoirs from Paris of 35 years ago. I wonder if they've been able to rinse off the smell.
I think I'll stick to Depends™.
A few barrels of father Kermann will do the trick.
Jaded Prole
A rusty 19th century pissoir!

Does Liver know about this?
Donnie Darko
The worse pissoir I've ever encountered is the one near the Pontarlier museum. No sunlight makes it into that place and there is no ventilation.
I literally had to hold my breath and piss as fast as I could and then run out. My eyes were watering the air was so acrid. There's a lot of things I love about Europe, but I prefer American hygiene.
Where does one find that?
Donnie Darko
Most places that are not music festivals or college campuses or bars in my old neighborhood.
Funny, the only place I've pissed that hasn't been behind a tree has been at music festivals in my old college town near bars near my old neighborhood. I miss Manhappiness (hatten), Kansas!
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