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Full Version: Bottle Height
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Not an absinthe-related post, but an absinthe-related example A couple of years ago I read about a study that showed how poorly humans judged relative volumes of tall, narrow containers versus shorter, wider containers. We instinctively overrate height. Even experienced bartenders, when asked to pour the same amount of booze into two different glasses, put more booze into the wider glass - by an average of 20 percent.

Well, as Exhibit A, here are the 750ml and 700ml Edouard bottles side-by-side. The 750ml is on the left, the 700ml model on the right. I know that the shorter bottle has nearly 7 percent more absinthe in it. But I cant make my mind think the bottle on the right is smaller. Towering the way it does, it looks as though its at least the same size, and probably a tad larger.
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Im not sure what practical effect this knowledge has, other than providing a good reason to order drinks in wide glasses at bars. But if I were ever to manufacture an absinthe, Id make sure it came in a nice tall bottle!
Donnie Darko
That's funny, my reaction is the exact opposite. When you put a tall thin person next to a short stout person, which one do you think weighs more? I judge booze bottles the same way. The shorter wider one always looks like it has more volume to me. To my eye my bottles of Delware Phoenix look like they have more absinthe than my bottles of Pacifique.
Agreed, DD. And it's always shocking to me how fast they go (shorter bottles) based on that preconceived misconception.


(When are we getting "handles" of absinthe?)
Donnie Darko
Your standards are low. They used to have demijohns before the ban.
Hey, we can't even get liters!
Jaded Prole
So, you get less for the same price and it looks like more.

What a deal!
QUOTE(Absinthesizer @ Dec 16 2009, 09:46 AM) *
We instinctively overrate height.

QUOTE(Patlow @ Dec 16 2009, 02:46 PM) *

Hey, we can't even get liters!

Well, that depends on what you want:

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