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Full Version: Arbeit macht frei
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Well today there are news reports that the sign Arbeit macht frei above the Auschwitz death camp entrance was stolen.

What a bunch of losers, whomever did this. I certainly hope they catch the people that did this. And put them in some camp uniforms, feed them the same rations as served at the camp circa 1943. Give them a different perspective on life.

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That must have been hard work, I hope they get locked up.
Well they found the thing all cut to pieces.
It appears that a group of dumasses stole it, then hid it in the woods.
Jaded Prole
The sign has been found, the perpetrators have been caught (all homeless, aged 20-39, 5 guys), they might be sentenced for up to 10 yrs each. The restauration of the sign might take long, but should be ready for the 27th of January 2010 (so say the experts), not much damage has been done fortunately.

One crazy collector is believed to be behind the stealing. He had ordered stealing of the sign via the net. He wanted the sign as a whole, but thieves had had problems with hiding it, hence they cut it into three pieces. The personality of the collector has not been revealed yet.
C'mon Prole, shame on you. Living with your parents (even going into your fourth decade) doesn't count as homeless.
I don't think the 1 100 000 women, men and children killed at Auschwitz give a fuck about that sign.

It brings terrible memories to families, they'd better destroy the whole thing.
No, they're already too many who don't believe it happened.
Right. The sign is not just a memorial to all those who had to pass under it, but a concrete reminder that people did, in fact, pass under it, never to emerge again. A reminder to all who history has spared the horrors that those events were not a mere abstraction (or worse, fabrication). That sign over the gate is a physical symbol, the physical symbol, of a line that was drawn around a people, one final lie legible only from the outside before they were relegated to a reality inside the camp that far too few were to emerge from to carry the truth out so that it may never be repeated. A replica will never have the same power of witnessing history that that original has.
Ok, agreed, but keeping that horror-memorial will never change revisionist's minds and will never prevent a dictator from repeating the same genocide, it has happened since.

True. Genocide based on religion (IJC determination) was committed in the center of Europe while NATO troops watched. But hiding from history (or hoping history hides from us) is still not acceptable.
No matter how many times we try.
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