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Full Version: Just received my bottle of Vieux Pontarlier
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Have just received the bottle and I would like to mention a few things, superfluous though they may seem. The bottle came via Registered Post, and the bottle was wrapped in bubble wrap & silver gift wrapping. It was nestled between layers of thick macaroni-style Styrofoam, which is comforting. So far, no complains. It even came with paraphernalia, which was interesting.

Then I hoisted my prize aloft and began to unravel it. I noted that it did not seem to have been disturbed by Customs. The seal at the top might have been tampered with; the silver foil at the top seems to have been lifted off, then placed back on. Finally, the top of the cork separated from the rest of the cork, which is always frustrating, but I was able to remove the cork proper without too much effort. Will need to get that replaced, though.

I took a quick whiff of the stuff before sealing it back up ready for Christmas. Since I have a hard time placing smells (due to my inexperience), I can't fully express what it came close to, but the closest I can think of is the smell of Irish Moss (a cough syrup medication). What impressed me, thought, was the face that it had such a fascinating scent at 65% alcohol. Other spirits, such as bourbon, would be overpowering but this was pleasant.

I will try my best to review this properly & will be popping it up on YouTube (as I hope to from now on) when I get around to it (which will be soon). Alright, just wanted to write something on the boards. Have a nice day/night.

- dubious.
Broke the cork? That's shit luck. I found a variety pack of T-corks for a couple dollars at some kitchen store. Might have been Kiss The Cook, Williams Sonoma, something like that. Figured it would come in handy for those freak bottles of good stuff that for some reason have screw caps, like Doubs Mystique. And, I was right. Don't look at me like that, it happens.
The T-corks are handy indeed. I've had three bottles of the Bugnon absinthes, and all three had defective corks. The first two had the top piece come off a la Dubious' VP, which was irritating. The third held together, and just as I was congratulating myself on my good luck, it broke into smithereens halfway out of the bottle. I've had corks disintigrate like that, but never after teasing me …
Dad got a bottle of this for his birthday last week and now I have to wait until April 15th when I get back to the US to try it… ah the wait is going to kill me!

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