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Full Version: Adieu
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Le Gimp
I haven't been around in a while. So long that I forgot my password.

Rimmy called today to see how I was doing. Good to hear from him.

I've been a bit out of sorts lately with family issues involving aging parents on both sides of the family. Between that and some other family dealings I've found less and less time to brew, and sold all of my brewing equipment along with all other associated hardware.

So doing, I've decided to climb up on the wagon and ride off into the sunset, but figured I owed y'all a fare well.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and success at whatever you pursue in life.

Thanks for all the fishes. abs-cheers.gif

Le Gimp
Hi Gimpy, long time no see.
I hope that is not as ominous as it sounds but if you're out riding, stop by this way.
Le Gimp
Thanks Kirk.

I tried logging in at the lounge, but forgot my password, and the reset does not work for me for some reason.

Bike is still in pieces in the garage since I took it apart last January to have the heads rebuilt. Ended pulling it all the way down and putting a new set of rods in the flywheels, trued them, and then set it on a shelf. I'll get it back together next year.

Farewell. May the future hold brighter things for you and yours.
Hello Gimpy!
Be well. All the best.

Pretend you're Cher and have repeated farewell tours.
Bye, Gimpy.
Have Fun!
Bon Voyage, Gimpy!
I like Provenance's "Cher" idea. Let's not say adieu, let's just say fare-thee-well.

You're a great guy and I have been very happy to know you. Take care of yourself.
Jaded Prole
Life is full of twists, turns and hard roads. Hope it brings you this way again.

Y'all come back now, heah.
Farewell Gimpy.

Crap, I almost forgot my password here. So don't feel alone.
QUOTE(Steve @ Dec 28 2009, 10:20 AM) *

I like Provenance's "Cher" idea.

I also like this, but in this case, I prefer to think more along the lines of Brett Favre.
I would have to disagree because, while not caring for football I have no personal opinion, but my dad says Brett Favre is a dick. I don't think it pisses anyone off that much when Cher does another farewell tour.

Oh, and nice to see you, Dinky! I mean Icky!
QUOTE(Le Gimp @ Dec 27 2009, 02:33 PM) *

Rimmy called today to see how I was doing. Good to hear from him.

You sure about that?

Cheers, my friend. The best to you and your family, from here on!
Le Gimp
No, even with hearing aids I have trouble on the phone.

"Sorry about that chief."
Bye Gimp. I've always appreciated your posts. Good luck with the old folks. I have friends in a similar boat. Hope it works out OK. I'm sure they're getting the worlds best care from you.
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