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Hello, greetings and salivations!

My name is Alan, I'm 34 and from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I'm drawn to my hobbies by the rituals behind them - Absinthe for the pour, pipe smoking for the packing and lighting, safety razor shaving (and sometimes straight razor) for the brushes and creams as well as the technique that's lost with multi-blade cartridge razors, and recently growing and training bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are really quite boring, only occupying a few days of my time per season, so Absinthe seems to be a great way to fill the time!

Absente seemed like a logical place to start, since it comes with a free spoon. I tried Hill's second, and could barely choke it down, but I'm cheap and don't like to waste alcohol, so I eventually finished it. After that, I read that about the horrors of Czechsinthe, so I refused to buy their other offering, whatever it is. Later, my liquor store carried Taboo, so I bought that. And then, this Christmas, my friends bought me La Fee Parisienne. And that's when I knew that I must embark on a journey of Absinthe.

I look forward to being a member here. I have much to learn drink.
Taboo is much better than LaFee. As far as I know, it's the best you can get in Canada. I hope I'm wrong about that, I'm sure someone will chime in if I am. Regardless, welcome.
I am sure he can get La Clandestine in Canada as well, talking about the best. Taboo Gold is worth trying.
If that's true, then Taboo is certainly not the best he can get.
I see I can get La Clandestine from and that it ranks higher than Taboo, according to the reviews here. I didn't know, until right now, that there was such a thing as Taboo Gold. That's another one for me to source out :)

Does anyone know of any other Absinthe suppliers that are either in Canada (preferably) or ship to Canada?
IIRC, the only way to get Taboo Gold is to get Oxy's newsletter. At least, I don't think it ever just shows up on the site to the general public, you have to link to it from somewhere. It's alright, but not worth jumping through hoops for… especially not if you can get Clandestine.
Welcome on board Alan.
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