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Full Version: Yarrrr…
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I dunno why I figured a piratical greeting seemed appropriate; it just did.

Tho', come to think, that could be a zombie greeting. I won't go into ninja-zombie-pirate-robots, 'cause Jick's got that market sewed up.

Anyway, I consider myself an absintheur- I've been drinking it for ~20 years (well, stuff that called itself absinthe, anyway) and doing… other stuff… absinthe-related nearly as long.

I've lurked, off and on, pretty much since the site existed, but never really got into the forums before (I seem to recall registering a number of years ago and never getting approved to post and finally giving up).

Consider this my official "Hi, everybody!" thread.

Welcome aboard pirate2.gif
Well, futz.

How can I pillage and plunder and… suchlike… ifin I'm invited on board?

*Leans wearily upon cutlass and dramatically wipes brow*

Now watch as I fire a broadside straight into your yardarm! evill.gif
Now see, that'd be your fatal error- unless, of course, you're using some sort of unconventional munitions- because the vast majority of your shots would whistle off into nowhere. Broadsides are for punching holes in the hull, or possibly sweeping the decks clear (with chainshot, etc).

Firing at skinny little sticks up on the masts is pretty unproductive, generally.
The trade winds are heated and the doldrums make your skinny little sticks fine game for target practice.
Ah, but we are strengthened and cooled by our fine imbibables and the stout hearts they engender. Our strength is as the strength of ten because our hearts (and palates) are pure.

Besides, the point was that you'd almost always miss.
imbibables = best COs wink.gif
Green Baron
dildollpink.gif pirate2.gif Zombie3.gif Chewbacca-2.gif

Sorry, guess we don't have any ninjas or robots here. But since the pirates and zombies are operational, I figured a dildo and a wookie might work. Kinda like stinging nettle and basil.
synthetic buddhist
yesington. I'd buy that for a dollar….
Welcome, um… matey.
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