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Full Version: Here's a new greenhorn
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So well hum…

Oh yeah, first of all, good day to you, absintheurs extraordinaires !

While I am probably not unknow to a good many of y'all (by the way, glad to finally be on the same forum as you, Steve), some background for the rest.

Still quite green, I have been an absintheur for a good couple of years now (is it three ? Tempus sure fugits), and a collector for one and a half (so still quite new to it).

Still have to make my grades with vintage absinthe (so far, an argenti or something in a bottle of argenti and a tarragone 60) before I consider myself a full fledge connaisseur.

Yet, with about 30 different absinthes I have tasted, and a permanent show of 12 open in my bar, well, one can say I've trained my buds :)

Well, glad to be here.
Welcome Froggy wink.gif
Oh, goody.

Now we can snipe at each other over here, as well. wink.gif

Welcome, Aggelos.
Welcome, Aggelos! I'm glad you made it here.

I encountered Aggelos on twitter, and he was kind enough to meet up with me in Paris last summer and show me around some of the antiques markets.
Now we just have to convince you to get on facebook!
Hey there, Aggelos.
Thank for the welcome guys :)

Now we just have to convince you to get on facebook!

Nice try, but not even remotely possible :)
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